So How Did Tonight’s Agents Of SHIELD Tie In With Age Of Ultron? (SPOILERS UPDATE)

I saw Avengers: Age Of Ultron last week.

I’m watching Agents Of SHIELD right now. So how do both tie in?

Both have Dr List, assistant to Baron Von Strucker,

And both have powered people experimented upon.

But Age Of Ultron has an Eastern European base and Agents Of SHIELD has an Arctic base to attack.


But we just saw Dr List complaining that the only “responsive” subjects of their experimentations were “the twins”

Well, we know who they are. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, referred to as the twins in the movie as well.

More to come… will update as it does. And there will be plenty of ads for Age Of Ultron in the breaks to come too. Though in reality, the whole hour may be an ad…

UPDATE: A much bigger one!


Coulson: “Loki’s Sceptre was the weapon who killed me.”

Coulson: “Sekovia. I’m pretty sure List is headed there now.”

Raina: “I see a sceptre, beautful, dangerous, it isnt finished yet. So much destruction.”

Coulson: “Just sent you everything I found on Strucker’s location.”

Maria Hill: “Theta protocol. Is it ready?”

Coulson:”Time to bring in the Avengers.”

Raina: “Consequences… men made of metal will tear cities apart and the world will be changed for ever.”

Time for Age Of Ultron, everyone! Set in Sekovia, as the Avengers attack Strucker’s castle to retrieve Loki’s Sceptre, that will begin the Age Of Ultron and the destruction of many a city, with Ultron, a possessed Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man…

And next Tuesday? SHIELD Vs. Inhumans in the pemultimate episode.

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