Marvel Announces Hank Johnson, Agent Of Hydra By Seinfeld’s David Mandel

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portrait_uncannyBleeding Cool already told you the book was coming. Now we know a little more. Hank Johnson, Agent Of Hydra. 

It’s a new Secret Wars one-shot from David Mandel of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm and artist Michael Walsh

“He’s an everyman,” Mandel reveals. “That’s the beauty of Hank Johnson—he’s you, he’s me, he’s your best friend. He just happens to work for HYDRA.

“He’s dealing with everything we deal with. Credit card bills, mortgage payments, ‘do I send my kid to public or private school?’ It is all of those things, just happening to a guy who happens, for his day job, to put on a uniform and goes to work to help HYDRA take over the world.”

Johnson owes his allegiance to Marvel’s foremost terrorist organization not to ideology or megalomania, but to something we can all relate to: a rare opportunity in the midst of a depressed economy.

“Look, let’s be honest, the majority of college graduates are unemployed or living with their parents so you are at college and a company comes along recruiting,” Mandel explains. “You might not have been interested in them, but…someone comes along and offers you a steady gig for 52 weeks a year with really good benefits, decent vacation, and chance for advancement and helps to pay off some of your college student loans? It’s not the worst job in the world.”

This kind of topic has been entertainingly addressed before in The Invisibles, Empowered and Austin Powers, but in a more similar fashion in Cable & Deadpool, with Bob, Agent Of Hydra?




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