Star Wars: Battlefront Will Feature 40 Person Battles And The Force Awakens DLC

BattlefrontAlright, there is a lot of information coming out of Star Wars Celebration about Battlefront so lets condense it the best I can.

The game primarily takes place in the original trilogy timeline and will feature 40 person battles. These fights will allow infantry and vehicle combat, as well as ‘hero’ appearances. That is to say that much like in Battlefront 2, you will be able to play as classic characters. Boba Fett and Darth Vader are the only confirmed characters so far.

On top of this, some might be disappointed to learn that the game will not feature a classic campaign but instead have ‘crafted’ missions’ that can be played with a friend online or on split-screen.

You’ll also be able to switch between third and first person perspectives, which honestly makes online play interesting. Could third person ever be as precise as first person? I suppose we will see.

It’s been said you can pilot X-Wings, TIE fighters and even the Millennium Falcon, but whether space to ground combat is a feature has not yet been confirmed.

On top of that, there will be free (!) DLC called the Battle of Jakku, which is the desert planet featured in the new trailer. If you pre-order the game, you will gain access on December 1st, otherwise you will have to wait for the 8th.

Here is a blurb for the DLC.

  • The pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet on the Outer Rim. Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

  • Basically, you know that crashed Star Destroyer? That happened in the Battle of Jakku.
  • There is even more information expected later so I’ll keep you on top of that.
  • Thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up!