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Star Wars Battlefront II Gets New Patch Bringing New Map and Hero Ship

Star Wars Battlefront II has gotten its first patch since the new year and it brings a whole host of new content and fixes. Battlefront II has had a rough go of it since it launched, with a very loud a conversation being held around the game’s microtransctions. That controversy has simmered down a little bit […]

EA Reassert That “People Don’t Like” Linear Games As Much Anymore

With the loot box controversy dominating the conversation around EA at the moment, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the Visceral Games shutdown a few weeks ago. The gist was that EA closed down Visceral, which was working on an Amy Hennig Star Wars game. The outfacing explanation seemed to suggest it was because the game was a […]

EA & Dice Fix Their ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Crate System

Putting aside the already annoyance people have for loot boxes in video games, the word coming out of the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta was that their system of “crates” was far more of a pain to get through. According to several reports on social media from players, the task of getting one was far more of […]

The Latest ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Trailer Is Darkly Epic

If you ever had an urge to cheer for the empire in Star Wars, this may just be the trailer to make your morning. Star Wars: Battlefront II just released their latest story trailer, showing a determined Empire trying to rise from the ashes that are still burning on the second Death Star. With their […]

New Footage Released Of ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Story Mode

The video is only 150 seconds long, but it’s enough to give some fans of Star Wars Battlefront II a sense of what’s to come. Today, EA Games released new footage of the upcoming title that focuses squarely on the story mode aspect of the game. While you’re not getting any super awesome fighting footage, you […]

Watch Twelve Minutes Of Space Battle From ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

Star Wars: Battlefront II is making a lot of waves at Gamescom as EA Games have been showing off the space battles during the convention. Below we have a video that features twelve minutes of fighting, specifically from the level Starfighter Assault, as the Empire tries to prevent the Rebels from destroying a hovering base over […]

‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Debuts New “Assault” Trailer

EA Games wasted little time getting a head start at Gamescon by releasing a brand new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II. This brand new Starfighter Assault trailer that you see below shows ship-to-ship combat in one of the best looking video game dogfight scenes we’ve seen in a long time. The trailer itself clearly features Luke in […]

Gamescon Will Feature New Battles From ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

EA Games made one of their biggest Gamescon announcements yet as they confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront II would be coming to the event. Best yet, the footage we’re going to get to see has nothing to do with character, it’s going to be pure space fights! X-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings (yes, those exist), TIE Fighters, […]

EA Really Wants You To Celebrate Star Wars Day With The Old Republic, But We’ll Pass, Thanks

EA’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet this afternoon saying “Celebrate #MayThe4th with @SWOTR!” and included a video of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not going to lie, while I’m excited for Star Wars Day every year, the last way I’d celebrate it is by playing The Old Republic. Celebrate #MayThe4th with @SWTOR! — Electronic […]

Star Wars: Battlefront’s Rogue One DLC Is Coming In Early December

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DLC getting Star Wars: Battlefront DLC has been confirmed for a while now, with a fight on the planet Scarif being the desitnation. Well, now we know more. It’s been confirmed that the DLC will come to Season Pass holders on December 6th. It will take place in the big […]

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Has Been Confirmed By EA

While Star Wars: Battlefront failed to impress everyone, I think it’s hard to deny that the game gets a lot of things right. It looks amazing, and often, it felt convincing too. It’s major problems felt more structural, things that could be helped in future versions of the games. Well, unsurprisingly, it looks like another in […]

Lando And Dengar Are Coming To Star Wars: Battlefront In New DLC

After it took a while for the first bit of Star Wars: Battlefront DLC to hit, it seems that we are somewhat cooking now. …Or at least when it comes to announcements that is. In an EA blog, it’s been announced that the second bit of DLC for the online shooter is coming in June. […]

This Star Wars: Battlefront Encounter Is Quite Silly

Here is something to keep you happy on Turkey day. This video has been getting passed around a fair bit, so I thought I’d share it with you. It shows an encounter between two players in Star Wars: Battlefront. There is lots of sizing each other up and then it ends the only way appropriate. […]

Star Wars: Battlefront Review: There Is Good In Him, I’ve Felt It

Over the last year, I’ve really been thinking about ‘the power of Star Wars‘. Even as someone who would only considers themselves a passing fan of the franchise, with the run up to the Force Awakens, the sheer excitement and wonder that I get from those around me has been palpable. If you’re as entrenched […]

Star Wars: Battlefront To Continue To Give Free DLC

The Battle of Jakku is coming for free to Star War: Battlefront early next month. With with a $50 Season Pass on top of the main game though, many assumed it would be the last blast of content handed to us without cost. It seems that is not so though. In a blog post, DICE […]

Breaking Benjamin Lead Singer Didn’t Like Star Wars: Battlefront So Much

Watching the response to Battlefront over the last week has been fascinating. Some in the hardcore gaming community have panned the game as not deep enough, while others who just mildly enjoy games and like Star Wars seem to love it by my crude and over-simplified estimation. I’m getting a whole host of reactions relayed […]

More Star Wars: Battlefront Games Coming In The Future

Star Wars: Battlefront is out today and I’m sure plenty of you will be hopping in. I’m also sure a bunch of you have even played the game with EA Access over the weekend also. It’s a great experience that I love being a part of and can’t wait to go deeper. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, […]