Yes, Folks, Jeff Lemire Has Exclusively Signed With Marvel, But…

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Writer/artist Jeff Lemire is attending this week’s Marvel creative treat. As Brian Bendis posted…

imageAs keen scholars know, creators can only attend said retreats if they have signed exclusive deals with Marvel Comics. Or are about to. Or if the other attendees can be persuaded that they already have.

So Jeff Lemire’s appearance set tongues wagging considering his considerable work-for-hire deal at Valiant that may be in conflict. Could that be why Jeff write so many issues of Bloodshot Reborn in advance? Not a bit of it.

I understand that Jeff has signed such a deal with Marvel Comics but, as with other comparable contracts with other creators, has exclusions for his Valiant work and other work-for-hire titles from Image, Dark Horse and other publishers.

We can expect more than just Hawkeye from the man at Marvel from now, I guess. Such as reshaping the post-Secret Wars-iverse. Just maybe don’t expect a long return to Justice League United

Jeff declined to comment…

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