Bleeding Cool Bestseller List -16th March 2015 – The Star Warlking Dead

swThis is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And this week? Star Wars and Walking Dead fighting for the top, with the Wars just pipping the post. And a strong launch for Howard The Duck

  • 1. Star Wars #3
  • 2. Walking Dead #138
  • 3. Amazing Spider-Man #16
  • 4. Thor #6
  • 5. Spider-Gwen #2
  • 6. Batman Eternal #49
  • 7. Howard the Duck #1
  • 8. New Avengers #31
  • 9. All New X-Men #37
  • 10. Detective Comics: Endgame #1

Thanks to the following retailers,

Who have this to say,

Strong week. Marvel really swept the week. Star Wars would have done even better but I under ordered it. Thor and Spider Gwen are still red hot sellers. After DC’s weekly series are over with I worry for DC. Walking Dead still far and away Image’s best seller.

Teen Titans back issues starting to see some love. Could the news of a Titans T.V. show be getting people interested?

It was all about Walking Dead #138 this week 300 copies sold out in less than 24 hours.  Star Wars takes 2nd and Howard the Duck Variants come in third.  The regular cover tanked and a good portion of the younger customer had no interest. Southern Cross and East of West make the top ten.  Thor needs to get to #8 as people are starting to become impatience  with the slow progress of the book.   Overall it was a great week.  Trades and back issue are on a Huge rise.

Ok sales week. No surprises in our top ten sellers.
DC had two Bat-books and Astro City. Image had Walking Dead. Marvel had a lot of their main heroes and some licensed sci-fi book.

Great week for books, Star Wars #3 held the top spot. I have only had a couple of drop off from having it pulled. They might be expecting a little too much from the book, but most of my customers will go for the long haul on this title. Ninjak #1 did great since i passed a good chunk of the savings that Valiant gave with the deep discount to my customers so they could try the title out.Existing Image titles did what they usually do and the new #1’s did just okay, with the exception of Spawn Resurrection, which did worse.

Back-issue market was weird this week. People that bought older issues were just filling in spots from collections, not that many key issues moved, which was surprising since i have got a lot of good stuff in lately.

Spider-Gwen and Howard the Duck sold ok but, we’re not rushing to reorder or anything..

Birthright, Copperhead and Chew tps selling well. Superman Unchained hcs still moving out the door.

Howard would have charted higher but I sold out Wednesday. Guardians Team-Up would have charted higher if it wasn’t coming out weekly and still had Art Adams art.

Never thought the day would come when HOWARD THE DUCK would make a top 10 seller in our stores…

Never thought the day would return when I’d have a RUSH on VALIANT back issues, yet it happened. All it takes is the news of a multi-million dollar movie potential and the speculators all returned to snatch up any/all KEY Valiant back issues they could find.

Star Wars continues to be a non stop juggernaut. Marvel’s bringing in a ton of new and lapsed readers with this series, and it absolutely mopped the floor with the competition! Speaking of new and lapsed readers, the other big draw was Howard The Duck, which brought in a lot of older fans who remember the character from his 70’s heyday. More and more people seem to be jumping onto Batman Eternal as it reaches the finale, which is pretty awesome.

It seems like every time a new Star Wars book hits, more and more people grab the older issues of the series or the first two issues of Darth Vader. Indie titles like Southern Bastards and Saga continue to be high sellers, even weeks after their release!

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