Stan Lee's Daughter, JC Lee, Promotes 'Raising My Superkids'. Excelsior!


JC Lee is the daughter of Stan Lee. As her website indicates. And demonstrates a certain amount of genetic chutzpah.

fc0b4c0d10cada92ff00cf5b3ffdc6e5_originalShe has been named Honorary Chairman of the Raising My Superkids app.

"Raising My SuperKids®" for the IOS and Android platforms is a fun and exciting free-to-play mobile social media game that allows players to select their own Superkid; explore and discover their child's superpowers; and raise and train them from infancy through adulthood. Exciting and unanticipated challenges await game players as they delve into their child's mysterious persona. Players solve problems, gain confidence, and create their own unique stories as their Superkid journeys through life.  The game is designed to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes.

Want to hear more of that chutzpah?

"I am so proud to be part of 'Raising My SuperKids®,'" said J.C. Lee. "I know "Raising My SuperKids®" will be both fun and engaging to play as the developers are seasoned professionals having worked on such games as 'Marvel Super Hero Squad' and 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.'  They even created an avatar of me, so players can raise me, just like my parents did.  Players will have a variety of choices and can become their own comic creators," she added.




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