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Stan Lee’s Super Subs – JC Lee’s Plans for Her Father’s Legacy

Today’s Hollywood Reporter article by Gary Baum, which details Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee‘s current situation regarding those around him, collates a lot of information we have been hearing about in one article. But while it talks about the actions of many parties, some of which sound utterly reprehensible, it doesn’t throw much light on […]

Stan Lee’s Daughter, JC Lee, Promotes ‘Raising My Superkids’. Excelsior!

JC Lee is the daughter of Stan Lee. As her website http://www.stanleesdaughter.com indicates. And demonstrates a certain amount of genetic chutzpah. She has been named Honorary Chairman of the Raising My Superkids app. “Raising My SuperKids®” for the IOS and Android platforms is a fun and exciting free-to-play mobile social media game that allows players to select […]