Inferno Comes To Secret Wars

Inferno Comes To Secret Wars

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INFERNO_1_VAR It was my favourite Marvel event. Might have has a lot to do with Todd McFarlane transforming New York into an array of demonic forms, but damn I loved Inferno.

And we get to revisit that reality again as a world on the Secret Wars Battleworld. Newsarama have been given the info by Marvel PR. Dennis Hopeless and Javier Garron bring us a world where the demons of S’ym (based on Dave Sim‘s Cerebus), N’astirh, Madylene Pryor and Mr Sinister were not defeated and conquered the world, bringing hell to Earth.

Taking place story-wise five years after the fall of Manhattan, Inferno pits Colossus and a small group of surviving mutants as they go to rescue his sister, Illyana Rasputin – but as “Inferno fans will recall, she’s not just a damsel in need of rescue.

You know, they still have another ten teased realities to go…


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