All-New X-Men #37 To Be Published After #39

ANXMEN2012037When this happens, you know there are some serious production issues. It happened with Spawn. It happened with Hawkeye. And now it’s happening with All New X-Men.

Because we have this Black Vortex crossover upon us, and already issues have come out featuring scenes that should have already been seen in other comic but haven’t…

Anyway, All New X-Men #36 was meant to come out in December. But the book slipped and it will now come out next week on the 11th of February.

However, the next issue after that will be All New X-Men #38, crossing over with Black Vortex on the 25th of February.

Then All New X-Men #39 comes out on the 11th of March, also a Black Vortex crossover.

And then, on the same day, we’ll get All New X-Men #37. Which should have come out in December…

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