More Marvel Censorship In Miracleman #15

It is Black History Month.

Marvel are currently republishing Miracleman, an eighties series definitely of its time. But history is being rewritten. With the infamously violent Miracleman #15, out today.

And it still seems odd that Marvel can publish a Mature Readers comic book featuring extreme images of violence, labelled ‘Mature’ and sold in a bag and are not able to use a certain word from the mouth of the embodiment of extreme evil…

Image (23)

…which they can sell collected in trade paperback in bookstores and in digital, a comic book labelled 12+ where a leading hero uses the same word… from Uncanny X-Men #196.


Here is the original.


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, with a Liz Prince signing this Saturday…

lizprince-signingAnd a Kieron Gillen signing the next!


Yes, folks, that is how Kieron will be spending Valentine’s Day…

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