Dick Grayson And The Male Gaze

Dick Grayson buttshots have been a bit of a running joke. There are Tumblrs such as F— Yeah Dick Grayson’s Ass and Nightwings Ass Appreciation, with memes like these running around the place.

Nightwing_DP_by_Sadiee tumblr_static_tumblr_mb6z7vcjur1r7a5jdo1_500 3699131-6375046739-36797

When writing the Nightwing/Oracle comic for Convergence, Gail Simone said,

I am writing it, of course there’s Nightwing ass! That’s a funny but true thing, I got a lot of crap in the early days for having beefcake in my books, people thinking it was me trying to put just what I like in comics. But it wasn’t that at all, it was just trying to open that door a little, to have sexy characters that might appeal to more people. It’s not enough to make comics women with similar tastes to mine might like, I want there to be characters for everyone. That’s my dream.

Well today, Dick Grayson’s ass gets another admirer.

Image (74)It’s funny, because he’s gay.

Either way, I think those tumblrs have a new pic to add…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently holding a large ‘outlet store’  sale, with massive discounts, in the gallery.


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