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“Titans” Season 2: Special Effects Coordinator Killed in Accident; Production Halted

Tragedy struck DC Universe‘s live-action series Titans, with news that production on the eagerly-anticipated season has been shut down after a crew member was killed in an accident at a special effects facility utilized by the studio. In a statement from Warner Bros Television Group and the streaming service, it was revealed that special effects […]


“Titans” Season 2: Joshua Orpin Confirms “Krypto” is Actually… Krypto

While fans of DC Universe‘s live-action Titans series may still be in the dark about what to expect from the show’s second season (or when exactly the show will premiere, for that matter), but at least they have a cast that loves to hit up social media with some fun behind-the-scenes looks. Case in point? Joshua Orpin (The Blake […]

Ric Grayson Must Learn How to Nightwing in Nightwing #59 Preview

Ric Grayson Must Learn How to Nightwing in Nightwing #59 Preview

Ric Grayson (yes, he is still going by that name) is looking to join the Nightwings, a team of police vigilantes who have taken up his old superhero moniker in his absence, in this preview of Nightwing #59. Which seems a little bit like the snake eating its own tail, if you think about it. […]

Check Out Quantum Mechanix Adorable New Bat-Family Q-Master Diorama

The Bat-Family is being honored as the first piece in Quantum Mechanix new line “Q-Master”, which they are calling the evolution of their popular Q-Figs line. These will be cast in polyresin and have more heft than a regular Q-Fig, that is for sure. This first one features the lighter side of the Dark Knight, […]

‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Recap – “True Heroes”…Not So Fast! [SPOILERS]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool’s recap of this week’s final four new episodes of the first half of DC Universe’s  Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the final episode of the first half of the season, “True Heroes.” Happy Harbor. October 31, 17:42 EDT We interrupt this awkward Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance […]

‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ “Home Fires”: The Light Begins to Shine [SPOILER RECAP]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool’s recap of this week’s trifecta of new episodes of DC Universe’s Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season’s ninth episode, “Home Fires.” Greater Bialya. September 28, 22:03 UTC +3 Queen Bee has assembled the members of The Light. There are two issues that need addressed–both requiring discretion. The […]

Dan Jurgens Takes Over Nightwing from Scott Lobdell in April

In March, writer Eric Esquivel was set to co-write Nightwing with Scott Lobdell, with eventual plans for Esquivel to take over the title. That wasn’t to be due to obvious reasons. But it looks like DC has found a replacement, as a leaked-on-4chan solicit for April’s Nightwing #59 lists a new writer, Dan Jurgens, alongside […]

Nightwings vs. the People in Wednesday’s Nightwing #56

Later this week, Nightwing #56 hits stores, continuing the ongoing saga of everyone’s favorite superhero, Ric Grayson. Except it’s not good ol’ Ric, but the new band of masked vigilantes that have taken up his mantle in his absence, The Nightwings. And in what could be considered a metaphor for this comic book masterpiece itself, […]

‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Season 3 Episode 2, “Royal We” [SPOILER RECAP]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool’s recap of DC Universe‘s Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season’s second episode ‘Royal We’ (and make sure to catch up on our recap of the premiere episode ‘Princes All’ here)… It’s What You Know Beast Boy is living as America’s latest teen heart-throb as an actor […]

It’s An Invasion! 8 Essential Young Justice Season 2 Episodes

With Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the Young Justice animated series, premiering on Friday, January 4, 2019 on DC Universe, now is a great time to get caught back up with the first two seasons. However, holiday and end-of-year commitments may make it hard to binge nearly 17 hours of content over 46 […]