Street Fighter 5 Leaks Online As A PlayStation And PC Exclusive

By Patrick Dane

[Image 1]While, I’m not a fighting game guy, I’d be insane to not acknowledge the importance of Street Fighter. The community is huge and people are still playing Street Fighter 2 to this day. It’s the ‘technical’ king of the genre, and no, I’m not forgetting Mortal Kombat or Tekken.

Due to a leak, a trailer for the new Street Fighter 5 hit the net this morning, and significantly, it’s exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC. (The trailer has since been set to private) As I said, this community is huge. You might even be able to make a case for it having the most dedicated fanbase in all of gaming. The fact that Street Fighter won’t be coming to Xbox One is massive.

That could be for several reasons…well, besides money. The fact that the Xbox One has only sold 50K consoles since launch in Japan could be a huge factor. While it definitely isn’t the only place in the world that people are gaga about Street Fighter, it certainly has the most cultural weight in its home country.

We will find out if this is just a timed-exclusive at a later date, but as of right now, that exclusivity will remain to be a big deal.

This is likely to be just the first of many game announcements today, as there are meant to be 12 (!) revealed at tonight’s The Game Awards. I have no doubt this trailer was meant to hit then. So make that 11.

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