Marvel Reveals New Hawkeye Team, Ant-Man, And Phil Noto Variants - Full Panel Coverage

Marvel Reveals New Hawkeye Team, Ant-Man, And Phil Noto Variants – Full Panel Coverage

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Madeline E Ricchiuto writes for Bleeding Cool:

Panelists included: Axel Alonso, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Gerry Duggan- Nova, Kieron Gillen- Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Ales Kot- Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, Phil Noto- Black Widow, James Robinson- Fantastic Four, Charles Soul- Death of Wolverine, Nick Spencer- Avengers World, G. Willow Wilson- Ms. Marvel…

This is Axel Alonso’s first panel, and he kicked it off by listing Marvel’s latest changes, including the new Thor, Captain America, Superior Iron Man, The Death of Wolverine, and Rocket Raccoon’s recent popularity. Marvel’s “one rule” is apparently a lack of rules. Which may explain some of their stranger changes in recent years.

Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye got a shoutout, and the new Volume’s creative team was announced. Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez. They will take over the book in March of 2015. “Its an impossible act to follow” yet Lemire seemed excited to start on the book. Kate will definitely be sticking around for Volume 2, so Kate Bishop fans should be happy. Tom Breevort called the first script “pretty good.”

Fantastic Four’s biggest challenge will be taking over the legacies of previous teams, says James Robinson. Its the downfall of the Fantastic Four, yet somehow its supposed to not be dark and depressing. It was not a crowd favorite. The book will return to its original numbers and will be going away. But Robinson wants to leave the book “without a bad taste in your mouth.”

Charles Soul was introduced as “the guy who is killing Wolverine on Wednesday” quite a few times. His She-Hulk run got quite a lot of applause, and he mentioned that he wrote the book with his own daughter in mind. His background as a lawyer is certainly useful writing Jen Walters. His own law office was the base for Jen Walters building in Dumbo, Brooklyn. As for Death of Wolverine, he called it an “incredible experience” and referred to the last five pages as a “gut-punch.”

Ales Kot’s Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier is on sale now, and appears to be a fan favorite so far. Kot seemed wary of repeating himself with Bucky Barnes, considering his run on Secret Avengers. “I feel encouraged to bring strange things into the Marvel Universe.” And praised Marco Rudy’s art for bringing a unique twist to the book. And the art is indeed fantastic. The book is definitely a break from the angstfest that we got with the character in the most recent Captain America film.

Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas will be debuting a new Ant-Man book in January, featuring Scott Lang. It will certainly tie into the new movie. Gotta get those book sales somehow, huh? Although I will admit, the art has me pretty interested. Rosanas does good work.

Axel referred to Ms. Marvel as last year’s breakout book. Everyone in the audience seemed to agree. The first trade, collecting issues 1-5 will be on sale next Wednesday. Alonso called Kamala Kahn “the successor to Peter Parker” I suppose in the awkward teenager way. Alonso confirmed the book as “here to say” and mentioned its digital sales as the highest Marvel has seen so far. Which makes sense considering the usual demographics of digital sales audiences.

Phil Noto, the token artist of the panel, will be doing covers for several Marvel books out in February. All New X-Men, Inhumans, Rocket Raccoon, and Black Widow are four of the books getting Noto variant covers.

Gerry Duggan started out speaking about his Deadpool run, calling it a “dream come true” and referred to Deadpool as a character at a “cruising altitude” when Duggan and Posehn took over from Way. “We are now writing for Wade Wilson… What we are really looking to do now is looking for new ways to hurt him.. We want to hit him in the heart.” 2015 will be a “really big year” for the character in publishing. With the movie to follow in 2016.

Young Avengers, despite being cancelled, has won enough awards for recognition. Kieron Gillen was recently tapped for the new Star Wars comic. And will take over control of Angela, a creation of Brian Michael Bendis. Gille. Called her the “Asgardian Black Widow” and will be getting a Journey into Mystery style treatment. The art is certainly very stylized and should prove to be a high point of the comic. “I expect its not what people expect of the book.”

A short Q and A followed

Q: “I feel like you guys make everyone special… How does it feel to pave the way for a world where everyone is equal?”

A: “Wonderful.”

“I feel like pop culture mirrors changes in the world and if we get to be part of that, its fantastic.”

“Being a superhero is fantastic everyone should try it.”

Q: “Thank you for increased diversity… But is there anything you can tell us about that in the future.”

A: “We don’t force it, but look forward to more of the same.”

Q: “are there future plans for Spider-Gwen?”

A: “Go to the Spider-verse panel”

Q: “will Eli Bradley be back?”

A: “We have no concrete plans right now.”

Q: “Hank Pym missed all the recent events, do you have any plans for him?”

A: “We do have plans but he is not Ant-Man.”

Q: “Will other Ant-Man characters show up in the new book?”

A: “You’ll see some familiar faces.”

Q: “Are there any books you plan to end soon with Secret Wars?”

A: “We like to break things like eggs…this is a great time for Marvel, we are not afraid to take chances.”

Q: “Could you make a new young Marvel character who would it be and why?”

A: “Nova is a new young character”

“Inhumans has a lot of new heroes.”

“I’d love to see a Miss America book.”

Q: “Miss Wilson, why did you chose Jersey City?”

A: “Its a very diverse city, and its right across the river from Manhattan which is the epicenter of much of the Marvel Universe… It just made sense”

Q: “Is this the end of Schism?”

A: “I can’t say but watch out for Secret Wars.”

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