Y2Kang – The Kurt Busiek Marvel Event That Never Happened

Nathaniel_Richards_(Kang)_(Earth-6311)_Uncanny_Avengers_Vol_1_12At the Marvel 75th Anniversary Panel discussing the art of the event, with Tom Brevoort, Kurt Busiek, Brian Bendis, Tom DeFalco, Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom and more, telling their tales of working on "event" comics, and how the form grew.

During which, Kurt Busiek talked about an approved Marvel event that never happened.

Talking about working on the Avengers comic, his view was "I don't like these things, but lets do one, it's better to be driving the bus than be under it."

So in 1999, he came up with an event called Y2Kang. Set on the the eve of the millenium, the event would have seen Kang do "something" on December 31st 1999, and the next day it's January 1st 1900. All the Marvel superheroes, J Jonah Jameson running a yellow journalist venture, the world would have been transformed.

It went into the approval process and… was eventually approved, many months later.

Only there was a problem that Busiek had to point out. The January 2000 books had already been solicited. New solicitations would only be for books in April 2000. He was told "can we do it anyway?" to his reply "no one will care!"

So he did Maximum Security instead.

I'd have cared, Kurt. And a few years later, we did get 1602

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