X-Factor Gets X-Voted?

X-Factor Gets X-Voted?

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ANXF_Cover_017Quicksilver – I’m sorry, Pietro Maximoff – will appear in the new movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Which means that, yes, he will be joining the Avengers in their comic book as well.

Which, yes, will coincide with the end of the comic book he is currently appearing in, All-New X-Factor #19, out in January.

Should be announced soon…. ish.


X-Factor writer Peter David writes,

This isn’t a secret because I announced it back at Dragon*Con, but Bleeding Cool seems compelled to announce it incorrectly by stating that X-Factor is cancelled with #19.

Which is not true. It’s cancelled with #20.

Also for some reason Bleeding Cool is associating it with the fact that Quicksilver will be returning to the Avengers and that’s why the book is going away. No, it’s because not enough people are buying it. Which is exactly the reason they cancelled “Gambit” as well, so it’ll probably be a long time before he gets to star in another book.

All I did was write a book that got tons of positive write-ups. Which I guess is enough to encourage people to buy it when it comes out in trades, oblivious to the fact that books get cancelled when you do that. Whatever.

Me, I remember when Rich Johnston used to write to me for confirmation before running stuff. Apparently that’s no longer the case.

We have been asked to go through Marvel PR folk on such matters, and approached Marvel the day before publication.  Usually I;ve considered that reasonable as the books are owned by Marvel. Maybe I should change things…

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