Back To Marvel’s Future

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Back in 2011, Marvel comics gave us a glimpse of the future. One we haven’t seen for a while.

At the end of Captain America Reborn we saw this apocalyptic future with heroes slain all over, written by Ed Brubaker.

Then in Avengers #4 written by Brian Bendis.

These were labelled by Killraven as Martians (and heavily resemble the creature/machines from HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds), dragged through to the present day by Kang’s time meddling. Which it appears he has, and will be doing, a lot of.

Then in Invincible Iron Man written by Matt Fraction we see…

Revealed in Invincible Iron Man #500 as something relating to the Mandarin, it seemed.


Well, that future appears to be back, in November’s Uncanny X-Men Annual, looking at Eva’s recent time trip-and-back.

Uncanny-X-Men-Annual-Interior-Preview-Sorrentino-333d9 (1)



Martians? Mandarain? Doctor Octopus?

Also, Bendis wants to emphasise something.

…the one thing that people online are most questioning of me is that clearly she’s got a bit of a crush on Cyclops, but she was a bit young for him. Is she now not a bit young for him?

She was always of age. I don’t want to get any of those weird hashtags with my name on it. It’s just there are general social things; student-teacher and all that. Are they more peers now than they were? You’ll find out.


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