The X-Force/Strikeforce Morituri Crossover That Isn’t. Shhhh.

From last month’s X-Force #4…


Or is that “We who are about to die…?” And from yesterday’s X-Force #5, we find out more about that world.

xforceYeah. That’s Strikeforce Morituri, isn’t it?

x55Yes, that’s definitely Strikeforce Morituri… the comic created by Peter Gillis and Brent Anderson and published in the eighties. Designated Earth 1287 in the Marvel Official Handbook, that’s also a match. Except why be so coy about it now? Are there legal aspects to using Strikeforce Morituri in current Marvel comics, that you have to fudge the issue a little by changing a few things to get it past the lawyers?Marvel have gone through a spate of registering trademarks on the comic – and only just. They even reprinted the first issue and a new collection.

It does feel as if there something in the air…


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