Lying In The Gutters - 10th March 2014 - Racebending Thor On A Fast Wash

Lying In The Gutters – 10th March 2014 – Racebending Thor On A Fast Wash

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Forget about Hollywood, a good wash will racebend your favourite Marvel comic book hero automatically…

So what have you been reading this week on Bleeding Cool?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Forever Evil #6 Has A Bit Of A Spoiler
  2. Sylvester McCoy Seems To Have Spoiled A Bit Of A Doctor Who
  3. Kickstarter Fail: John Campbell Burns Comics
  4. It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Iron Man 2020 (SPOILER)
  5. The New 52 Booster Gold Series That Never Was
  6. Elder Scrolls Online Is A Fan’s MMO Dream Come True
  7. Paul Jenkins Steps Up Over John Campbell Kickstarter Controversy
  8. Stephen Bissette Asks DC What To Do About Constantine
  9. A Candid Shot From The DC Futures End Ideas Board
  10. Batman: Arkham Knight Cover Images And Details Have Leaked
  11. Those Futures End Revelations From Wednesday
  12. Forty-Three Thoughts About Forty-Three Comics
  13. How Mark Millar Made Me Feel Like An Idiot: A Quick Review Of Starlight
  14. 37 Free Comics From ComiXology, Including Locke & Key
  15. Nintendo Shutting Down Wi-Fi Connection For Wii and DS
  16. 4-Minute Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight
  17. DC Comics To Announce Batman: Arkham Knight Game Tomorrow
  18. When Jonathan Ross Was Presenting The Hugo Awards. Until He Wasn’t.
  19. Season 2 Will Have More Than One Director, And More True Detective Insights
  20. Gail Simone’s Batgirl #30 Bumped By Marguerite Bennett’s Batgirl #30

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. As Mark Millar Embraces Digital, Nick Lowe Rejects It
  2. $200 For 512 Pages? Marvel’s New ‘Marvels’ Collection
  3. ComiXology Hacked, Sends Out E-Mail Warnings
  4. Adventure Time Is A Not Real Comic. But Aren’t They All
  5. New Comic Retailer Advocacy Group Launches, COBRA In Opposition To ComicsPRO
  6. Swatchmen: Onyx Returns To Form In Green Arrow #29
  7. DC Comics Return To The Cereal Aisle
  8. If Bleeding Cool Existed In 1968…
  9. Kickstarter Kicks Off Fight Over Shakespeare And Lovecraft
  10. DC Comics And The Media – The Latest Twist


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