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When MArk Millar Wrote Rich Johnston Into Mark Millar's Youngblood

When Mark Millar Wrote Rich Johnston Into Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Bloodsport

A long time ago, Mark Millar wrote a Youngblood comic book drawn by Rob Liefeld called Youngblood: Bloodsport, published by Arcade Comics. The first issue was published in 2004 and Mark Millar finished writing scripts for issues 2 and 3. But of issue 2’s publication, there was none. Liefeld then said that the second issue […]

Marvel Has a Secret Skottie Young Project Page... What Are They Hiding?

Marvel Has a Secret Skottie Young Project Page… What Are They Hiding?!

Tuesday night. After 11PM here in the Midwestern United States. In England, home of Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, it’s after 4AM. But that didn’t stop Rich from popping into the Bleeding Cool bullpen to demand that someone cover this breaking story, and that they do it tonight! Time is running out!!! “Oi!” Rich said, […]

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Nick Spencer Explains Why It’s OK For Marvel To Spoil Secret Empire

Spoilers are bad. They ruin people’s enjoyment of comics, and they undermine the efforts of creators to tell compelling stories. Unless the spoilers are coming from Marvel itself, through sanctioned articles on mainstream media outlets. Then, the spoilers are good. Or, at least, inevitable. Just ask Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer, who responded on Twitter […]

Fanboy Rampage: Stephen Wacker Vs. Rich Johnston Over Improbable Previews

Marvel animation executive and message board troll Stephen Wacker is not a big fan of Bleeding Cool’s long-running feature, Improbable Previews. In response to the latest edition of the hit column, Wacker tweeted: The Bleeding Cool article needlessly/insultingly shitting on Bendis is low and distasteful even for them. — Stephen Wacker (@StephenWacker) December 27, 2016 […]

Improbable Previews: Bleeding Cool Spoils Civil War 2 #8 In All-New X-Men #17

Every so often, comic book publishers send out previews of upcoming comics without any of the lettering finished. The result, while pretty to look at, leaves readers wondering just what the hell is going on in those pages. Well, wonder no more. Here at Bleeding Cool, we have combined decades of experience in reading comic […]

The Image Revolution Is Available To Stream For Free On Amazon Prime, Hoopla

In 1992, six young buck comic book artists left Marvel Comics to start a creator-owned revolution. Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Ser Robert Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, and Jim Valentino left the books they were drawing at Marvel, created new characters that for the most part looked suspiciously similar to the ones they […]

In Shocking Betrayal, 2000 AD Gives CBR EXCLUSIVE 40th Anniversary Judge Dredd Cover

Eisner award winning comic book website CBR has scored the EXXXCLUSIVE first look at Carlos Ezquerra’s cover for the 40th anniversary edition of 2000 AD, Bleeding Cool has learned. Started on Feb 26, 1997 1877, the weekly sci-fi anthology has been synonymous with British comics, just like Bleeding Cool’s Editor-in-Chief Rich Johnston is with British comics journalism. However, when the […]

On Leonard Cohen, A Note On Respect, And An Apology

By Joe Glass Yesterday, the world learned of the loss of another one of our greats: Leonard Cohen. An artist of multiple disciplines and medium, Cohen was beloved by many as a tantamount creator and soulful artist of the modern age. However, Bleeding Cool’s newest staff writer, a hire made for the site by Avatar, […]

Improbable Previews: Deadpool Back In Black #4

Every so often, comic book publishers send out previews of upcoming comics without any of the lettering finished. The result, while pretty to look at, leaves readers wondering just what the hell is going on in those pages. Well, wonder no more. Here at Bleeding Cool, we have combined decades of experience in reading comic […]

Lying In The Gutters – 19th October 2015 – A Very Political Captain America

I saw a tweet saying liberals should create their own Captain America. They did. In 1940. — Kurt Busiek Resists (@KurtBusiek) October 18, 2015 It was a heady week of rumours, rumblings and rum dos…. but what were you reading this past week? Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1. Fantastic Four Film Rights Rumored […]

Lying In The Gutters – 28th September 2015

Sweet Melody by SryntyBeast So what have you been reading this week? Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1. The Truth About Marvel’s X-Men/Inhumans Decision? Maybe… 2. Tony Wolf’s Short Comic About Killing Jason Todd For #BatmanDay 3. Tony S Daniel Outgrosses Himself With Deathstroke #10 (SPOILERS) 4. DC Comics Editors Strongly Urged To Use Affirmative Action When […]

I Seem To Have A Comic Published Today. Somewhere.

I still wonder what would happen if there was no marketing and books just showed up. I don’t think it would be as bad as everyone thinks. — Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) June 29, 2015 Today sees the publication of Jonathan Hickman’s God Is Dead #37. Written by Mike Costa and drawn by Nahuel Lopez, he […]

A Look At Bleeding Cool’s Panels For SDCC ’15

Bleeding Cool is going to have a very busy San Diego Comic Con. And we have a couple of panels as well. Here is where we are going to be on Thursday and Friday early evening. Come by, say hi, it’ll be great! Thursday, July 9th 6:30-7:30 So, The Internet Ruined My Life…What now?—Bleeding Cool’s […]

Here Are All The SDCC 2015 Panels For The Wednesday And Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday programming for San Diego Comic Con 2015 is up…. Bleeding Cool’s Chris Thompson and Hannah Means-Shannon are on a panel asking how to get your comic book news reported – and then Hannah and I are on a panel about How The Internet Ruined My Life. Well, not mine, Although now you […]

Lying In The Gutters – 8th June 2015 – A Special Edition

Deadpool sits out the Secret Wars in this week’s Howling Commandos…. And as comic book convention seems to falls upon comic book convention at this time of year, Special Edition: NYC was the last big one ’till, well, the big one. And Marvel dropped a bomb just before it hit… so what else were you […]

Lying In The Gutters – 4th May 2015 – Je Suis Toujours Charlie

There is a difference between the cartoonists whose work was published in Charlie Hebdo and the cartoonists whose work was on display at the American Freedom Defense Initiative exhibition in Dallas. The former’s portrayal of Mohammed in cartoon form was as part of a consistent, ongoing, editorial point of view. Critical of all acts of religious extremism, […]

Lying In The Gutters – 23rd March 2015 – Rolling The Manhole Away

My family are off on holiday to South Africa for a few weeks. Suddenly everything feels very quiet. So this week, amidst all the controversy of covers and costumes, sexuality and sensationalism, the biggest story by far on the site was about a not-dead Turtle…  Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week 1. The Death Of Donatello? […]