How Scott Snyder Turned The Batgirl Of San Diego’s Daughter Into DC’s New Batman Superhero, Bluebird

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You might recall Kyrax. Otherwise known as the Batgirl of San Diego. Who, cosplaying as Batgirl, asked DC Comics panel after panel awkward questions about the treatment of female characters and use of female creators in the New 52, especially the status of Stephanie Brown. To the extent that DC Comics started having meetings about the issue, promising changes and taking such issues into account moving on.

Kyrax also has a young daughter, who also wanted to cosplay, and created her own character, Bluebird. Kyrax writes for Comics Bulletin today about her daughter attending San Diego Comic Con with her mother, all dressed up, with her own Blue Bird comics, two of which she sold to Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

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Scott Snyder however, got his copy for free. And tweeted the proof. (BATSPOILERS BELOW)

Photo on 2-13-14 at 3.52 PM

And in this week’s Batman #28, he gave that identity to Harper Row, his own character, and future Batman sidekick in the upcoming Batman Eternal series. We mentioned it here... and pointed to her first mention in the recent Detective Comics #27.


And the comic also answered her mother’s original question too… it’s all about the win.

I just hope the lawyers don’t have to get involved in twenty years time…





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