Is This Spider-Man 2099 Or An All-New Superior Spider-Man #1 In May?


We know Superior Spider-Man is coming to an end.

We know that Amazing Spider-Man is beginning. And that it will feature Peter Parker back inside his noggin.

But what of Otto Octavius? What of Doctor Octopus?

Well Midtown Comics have a special interconnected variant cover planned from their favourite boy J Scott Campbell.

Superior Spider-Man #31 Cover B (1 of 3)

All well and good.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 Cover B (2 of 3)

Fine and dandy. But then…

CLASSIFIED #1 Cover B (3 of 3)

What is so classified? A new issue that ties in with the end of Superior Spider-Man and the beginning of Amazing Spider-Man? Could it be… an All-New Superior Spider-Man?

Or could it be what we broke at New York Comic Con, news about a new Spider-Man 2099 series by Peter David and Simone Bianchi?

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