An Eccentric God Creates Mulmino As The Last Species

By Many Rajesh

Mulmino is a graphic novel about a hypothetical species named ‘Mulmino’. Mulmino is a biologically fine engineered creature with single head and many physiques. Mulmino will be the last species in the evolution cycle. In the first phase of the project, I am planning to bring out a graphic novel to diffuse the concept of Mulmino to a wide audience.


The God is Eccentric!

Yes, the God sometimes thinks and behaves unusual path!  It may be due to his monotonous life in managing every day businesses of Centillion of organisms in the earth. So one day, he decides to aggregate certain number of beings in to a single entity. That’s the way Mulmino, gets born in the end of evolution cycle. It is an aggregation process of energy. The magnetic energy framework of Mulmino absorbs insignificant source of life energy in to its energy framework. So don’t worry that if you could not find any species in the earth over the time period. Imagine, it’s god’s play. Nothing is going towards the vacuum. It’s there in Mulmino. But you have to wait until 4376 AD to feel and touch the consolidated life energy form of Mulmino! Will you live until then? Nonsense! No one can possibly do that! Though I would say you can. You can touch and feel the Mulmino. Yes, it is possible through the graphic novel Mulmino.

A Little About Mulmino

Mulmino is a biologically fine engineered creature with single head and many physiques.  As we are aware, there are some mythical characters having single body and many heads (for example Ravana, the antagonist in the Indian epic Ramayana). However, we cannot find any creatures with many bodies and a single head like Mulmino, anywhere in the mythology or in fiction. The first generation of Mulmino species, hypothetically, was born in 4376 AD. Mulmino will be the last creation of the God or the last species in the evolution cycle! Mulmino will be the most intelligent, rational and powerful being on earth you have ever seen. It can live in land, water and sky.  There are different kinds of Mulminos in terms of number of bodies. The number of bodies for a Mulmino may vary from ‘two’ to ‘n’.  Mulmino does not have any digestion system and, therefore, there is no need for intake of solid or liquid food. Mulmino receives its energy directly from natural elements without any further processing.


Each body of a Mulmino can move itself at any direction or angles. There is no gender differentiation among Mulminos. However, Mulmino does like lovemaking.  Even if there is no gender differentiation among Mulminos, it involves sex to generate new Mulminos.   The bodies of Mulmino can copulate with the corresponding bodies of another Mulmino. Once a body of Mulmino interacts with the body of another Mulmino, a magnetic lock generates between bodies and it is sustained for a few minutes. Once the sex is over, each body ejects a gas like element. This element works with other natural elements and generates a kind of fluid in the sky. Finally, a drop of fluid falls into the deep sea. The fallen drops of fluid incubate in deep sea. The fluid will be covered by a transparent layer within 24 hours and starts to float over the sea surface. Once the covered layers of eggs get opaque, it goes down again to the sea floor, and explodes to create infant Mulminos.

A Little About The First Edition of the Graphic Novel

In 6000 A.D, two alien races attack the earth jointly. They kill millions of humans and other creatures using the advanced anti-gravitational engine Zero-G equipped exotic weapons. As per an agreement titled Huzaty-I, aliens ends their war in the earth.  Then onwards the earth would be owned by a new race called Tyzahuman. How Tyzahuman endangers Mulmino , and the consequences of this on the earth, that is the story of the first edition of the proposed graphic novel.

How Mulmino Started in My Mind: A Personal Note

I was born and brought up in the south-west region of India, in a pragmatic society with a lot of conventional values and wisdom. Interestingly, even within their pragmatism, there are lot of mythical beliefs and worships, which have related with Hinduism. You may know, the religion, Hinduism consists of many epics. My grandparents taught me in my childhood that many a scientific innovation in the world is inspired by these epics. To aver this they gave many examples like Scud-missiles, test-tube baby, airplane etc. They strongly believed that the scientific community has borrowed those concepts from two major epics of ancient India – The Mahabharata and Ramayana.

They told me that present day missiles are the modern version of different variety of arrows used by Gods in the battlefields against enemies.  They also told me that the character Dussala, based on Mahabharata, was born through the Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process. Airplane was the vehicle of Ravana (the antagonist in Ramayana).  In our temples (the worship place of Hindus), we could meet different genre of Gods. You know, in India, every five kilometers of distance, there would be a temple with a variety of godly-characters, especially the region where I was born in. In my childhood this provided me greater insights into different characters those who are entirely different from run-of-the-mill ‘living beings’.  But, I was not a keen believer in any such godly-characters. It may be due to my family setup and economic background.

In my school days, I used to imagine about many weird characters, specifically when I went to the rice fields, and to the bushy banks of narrow streams. When I learned English a little bit, I started to see Hollywood movies. In our place then there was a common belief that all English movies are porn movies.  So I missed the great opportunity of seeing fantasy and comic movies, even if I had strong yearning for such genres.  Also, I would say, our comic books are very dry in terms of imagination since they focus on realism, except for the epic-based ones.


When I started to mingle with urbanized society in India, especially people from metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Madras, Bombay, etc, I understood, that Hollywood is a different world than what I assumed in my school days, and there is a vacuum for thinking ‘abnormally’. Then onwards, I started to observe comic characters like Superman, Spider-man, Batman etc. and understood the scope of their economic and cultural values. I then had a strong urge to create a unique fictional character to catch the attention of the global community, and initiated an in-depth research on this matter since 2005.

But, unfortunately, as my profession is economic research and analytics, I haven’t had any opportunity and motivation to develop it for a long time. That because most of my friends were then ‘boring pragmatic economists’.  In 2010, after completing my M.Phil in Applied Economics, till the end of 2011, I got sufficient time to mature my thoughts on the character ‘Mulmino’ due to unemployment. I hired a local graphic designer to draw the visuals of ‘Mulmino’ as per my minute level descriptions. During this period, I researched and analyzed the economic value of major comic characters around the world. Since I am a professional economist, it was an easy task for me! After a few months due to financial constraints, I stopped everything and went back to some consultancy work. Now, I think, the time has come for me to refresh my old thoughts…

In fact, I developed the character ‘Mulmino’ with the aim of creating am international character. The idea came into my mind after hearing the  updates of new version of the movie Avatar (in my country, there was a rumor that even Cameron got the inspiration of Avatar characters from Indian epics, particularly the skin color tone of the characters. They say it was the color of Lord Krishna, and Lord Siva). But the basic concept about the lead character ‘Mulmino’ has been in my mind for the past 10 years.  I tried several times to discuss the matter with my academic friends.

As I mentioned earlier, many of my friends were not in a position to understand what I imagined, and I got little support from them to develop the idea. Interestingly, many of them advised me not to get into unnecessary trouble, and instead concentrate on my profession ‘economic research’ to have a better future. But an inner-call always forced me to do something.   When I started to learn more about financial aspects of implementing the project in India, I understood it would be an unimaginable task. So I determined to implement the project in carefully planned phases.

In the first phase, I decided to diffuse the character of Mulmino to markets around the world. To overcome the financial constraints of the phase-1, I have launched a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign on the international ‘crowdfunding’ platform Indiegogo, but I am having a difficult time getting funds and attention since I am from India.

Lessons Which I have Learned and Obstacles I Face Now

In fact, I have learned a lot from this endeavor from its conceptualization to present. I understood about many do’s and don’ts in exploring creative markets. I spent many months researching finding brand new names for my characters. I imposed two conditions on my mind regarding finding names for my characters. First, I determined to extract an easy remembering and novel name for my character. Secondly, I decided, that all names I use in the graphic novel should have its own available internet domain name.

Fortunately, I succeeded in this matter. But it has taken a lot of energy from me.  The region where I currently live is an odd place to initiate these kinds of creative projects. It is because most of the people in my place belong to middle class economic stratum, and they are so realistic. And they have not much interest in comics, and related fantasy entertainments. But fortunately, things are looking up since the process of globalization, and the growth of information technology based job culture. Now people have enhanced mobility, and moving around the world to execute their offshore works. So they get a global exposure to comic industry and science fictional entertainments. As an outcome of this exposure, they have started to show a little interest in comic and fantasy entertainments. However, that doesn’t mean that they would promote domestic projects. They are interested in Hollywood projects, but rarely have interest in domestic initiatives on this matter.

Indeed, funding is the major problem for me. I have started a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign on Indiegogo on January 11, 2014. Even though my campaign receives a relatively good number of visits, it is still lacking funding. It seems that projects, which are listed from the USA get more attention than projects from other countries. In places like India, people are less interested in participating in ‘crowdfunding’, especially due to several technical and personal issues. Technically, the payment gateway is the problem. Only a few people in my region have credit cards to make their payments. Moreover, most of the crowd around me is financially incapable and unwilling to invest their money in this kind of initiative.

Mulimino: The Last Species 1:1

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