"The Horror Out Of Hagsjaw" Funded - RPGs

“The Horror Out Of Hagsjaw” Funded on Indiegogo – RPGs

With a mere eighteen hours left to get on board, the Indiegogo campaign for the Necromancer Games RPG campaign adventure called The Horror At Hacksjaw has been funded many times over, at a whopping 831%. This 5th-10th-level adventure module is purportedly geared towards games of Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition), and other Sword and Sorcery-type settings. […]

The Comic Creator Whose Day Job is as a Boxing Coach

Victor Rojas writes, It was a hot steamy night in NYC. I just finished coaching one of my fighters after a grueling three rounds in the Finals of the NY Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament. I stepped out of the ring, almost as exhausted as my lanky young whiplashed boxing apprentice. It was at that moment, […]

No Enemy But Peace – Richard Meyer, Antarctic Press, and Jawbreakers

We first covered one of Richard Meyer‘s Kickstarter projects back in 2012 on Bleeding Cool when he was a writer and artist struggling to work professionally in the comics industry. The project, called No Enemy But Peace seemed to go well enough, raising almost $4000 from over a hundred people. Meyer’s latest crowdfunded comic project was on […]


Wynonna Earp Interviews: The Show And Cast Are Full Of Surprises

I am happy to say I’ve been on the Wynonna Earp bandwagon since the very beginning. At SDCC this year, I added even more wonderful Wynonna Earp experiences, including attending a party with the cast, crew, and fans. I also went to the panel, where the entire room exploded with joy when they announced that there […]

Harvard Gardens

Salvation Through Reconnection: ‘Harvard Gardens’ On Indiegogo

Christopher Ables Writes: “Through her brother’s mind is her salvation. With dynamic artwork, complex characters and wildly engaging story line, Harvard Gardens: Volume One is a fantastical and cerebral comic that will entrap you until the very end.” Harvard Gardens: Volume One is a new comic written and illustrated by me, Christopher Ables, a Los Angeles based […]

Charlton Comics, The Movie That You Can Make Happen

Jackie writes, Maybe you’ve heard of Charlton Comics, but probably not. We are lifelong nerds, they existed right in our backyard, and we never heard of them until a year ago. Charlton offers up an extraordinary piece of pop culture history, but sadly it has nearly been forgotten. We can’t let that happen. Charlton was […]

Pitch In: Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the work of Chilean performance artist/filmmaker/comic creator/reality warper Alejandro Jodorowsky. If not, find a copy of his midnight-movie classic El Topo or his comic book epic The Incal immediately. He also directed The Holy Mountain, which earned him enough acclaim that he set his sights on a […]

$500 For Your Best Bet To Pitch A Comic To IDW At San Diego Comic Con (UPDATE)

Ted Adams, president of IDW is on the Board of Directors for Traveling Stories, a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy and education for children in impoverished areas, both domestically and internationally. Recently, Ted was able to use an IDW Humble Bundle to help raise money for the cause. So when Traveling Stories launched a fundraising campaign on […]

It’s Small Business Saturday – Support Indie Comics!

Small Business Saturday is a salient reminder for us all that the local businesses that surround us need our support as we enter the holiday season. We can take a hard line on things and say we won’t be lining up at major chain stores to spend our holiday gifting money, but that’s not for […]

Crowdfunding Game Changer To Help Learning Through Game Play

Phil Zoshak writes for Bleeding Cool: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about Game Changer, a new nerd nonprofit program of Page 15, a children’s literacy nonprofit in Downtown Orlando, that teaches kids how to learn through play. We take games likes Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and Chess, and infuse […]

Help Terry Martin Resurrect Dead Girls In Graphic Novel Glory

By Alasdair Stuart Terry Martin is one of the hardest working people in modern genre fiction. The head of the award-winning The House of Murky Depths, Terry has been instrumental in championing, and publishing, work by some of the best writers working in the field. Lavie Tidhar and Matt Wallace both have books out through […]

Evolution Of A Comic Shop – Talking With Aaron Haaland Of The Geek Easy Bar

By Shawn Perry Mild-Mannered Aaron Haaland was the owner of A Comic Shop in Florida (and host of A Comic Show here on Bleeding Cool) before he was bitten by an entrepreneurial stroke of genius and became the beer-slinging pioneer of a business model that offers social engagement heretofore unheard of in the world of […]

Reference Book For Comic Artists Has Its Sights On An Indiegogo Record

Project title: 21 Draw Campaign live on IndieGogo: May 01 – May 31 Hi Bleeding Cool! The 21 Draw art project launched last week on IndieGogo. After only 3 days the project was funded with over $60,000 and is still rising. We are set to break the Indiegogo art record and we want your help […]

A Pop Up Comic Store Saves Brick And Mortar Shopping In The UK

By Oliver MacNamee In a world where we are hearing more and more of the bricks and mortar comic shops closing down, whether that is through ever-decreasing readership, over-priced product by the Big Two or because of the drive to digital, it is pleasing to see that in Lemington Spa at least, the opposite seems […]

New Comic Shop Comedy Geek Cred Is Coming To Indiegogo – In The Hands of Fans

Comedy shows like The Big Bang Theory portray comic book shops, and their employees in a certain light and get mixed reactions from actual comic book readers as they recognize things that are true–that comic shops often do struggle financially–and things that are not–that no girls go into comic shops, that average fans can afford […]

Eight Sides, One Center… One Revenge

Scott Griffen writes for Bleeding Cool: In early 2004 I was sitting in a little shack with a barely working heater, a gun on my hip and an empty magazine inside of it, checking vehicles into a military facility in Colorado. Nothing happened there so I spent all my free time drawing up new ideas. […]