How Hit Girl Tops The C-Word (Kick Ass 3 Spoilers)

How Hit Girl Tops The C-Word (Kick Ass 3 Spoilers)

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We all remember that scene from the original Kick-Ass.

hit-girlAnd how it was translated onto the screen.

There hasn’t really been much of a follow up since. I mean exactly how do you follow that up? Well, possibly until today’s issue of Kick Ass #3. Where we get…


Yeah, that should do it.

Sandman Overture and Guardians Of The Galaxy are published today. Watch TV in the UK is about to start airing Babylon 5 in its entirety, including the feature length specials, every weekday. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, currently running their Mark Buckingham Fables exhibition and next week host a conversation with Blue Is The Warmest Color’s Julia Maroh.


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