Uncanny X-Men Brings You A Brand New Xorn Moment (SPOILER)

Uncanny X-Men Brings You A Brand New Xorn Moment (SPOILER)

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Remember Xorn? Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely for New X-Men, he suddenly appeared in the book as a teacher at Xavier’s school, a man with a head encased in metal, claiming to have a small star for a brain and capable of a number of indeterminate feats?

And who, half way during the run, revealed himself to be Magneto all along, with a rather surprising reveal that no one had seen coming, yet has been clearly foreshadowed if you went back and reread it?

Now, of course, Marvel went and ruined it all, with some seriously bad replotting, where it turns out Xorn was never Magneto, Cassandra was somehow never Ernst, etc etc. But the Magneto/Xorn reveal was one of the better plot twists in recent superhero comics.

And it seems that Kieron Gillen rather liked it.

Because in today’s Uncanny X-Men #20, we get another reveal for anyone who has been reading the book during his run. It’s fairly early on in the book, but you might really want to read it in your own time and place. But if you remain unconvinced and need to see for yourself, you can click here. And then, in a state of amazement and daze, rush out to by the comic.

Certainly much of the issue is a result of that spoiler, so there is still plenty to enjoy. And it totally changes the motivation for Cyclops in AVX: Consequences as well. Because suddenly, rather than be resigned to his fate, he needs to get out of there. Or at least remove himself from the game…

UPDATE: Link fixed…


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