Friday Runaround – Warren Ellis Shows You How

DoubleWatch: Terry Dodson draws two Captain Marvels for Captain Marvel #6.

GenderWatch: Laura Sneddon for the New Statesman on gender politics in Dredd.

Original Dredd creator John Wagner was on hand as consultant throughout filming for writer and producer by Alex Garland, and nixed a scene where Anderson and Dredd kiss – Judge Dredd doesn’t do romance, and neither does Anderson. Anderson does however show more empathy than her colleague at certain times due to her ability to see inside the minds of the perpetrators. She sees one of the gang members as having been tortured and kept there against his will and bases her judgement of him with that in mind. Earlier however, when hesitating over killing a man who begs for his life, she shoots. Sitting behind me at the cinema was long-time Judge Dredd artist Cam Kennedy, who nodded, “that’s my girl!”

EllisWatch: Warren Ellis schools those making comics available on digital platforms a very simple and blindingly obvious lesson.

I can’t even make out some of the logos here.  Thank god for the handy text underneath each one.  Although I’d have to click through to discover what those CHAMPIONS OF TH are actually champions of.

EVIDENCE: nobody optimises their covers for Comixology.

Why?  God only knows.  My presumption is that big important publishers can’t spare a person to do the cutting or create a workflow that creates a thumbnail image suitable for the Comixology app.  A zoom-in on part of the cover, or even clipping a bold image from the inside, and getting an optimised version of the logo on it…. apparently that’s too much work.  Most publishers simply don’t want digital sales enough.  It’s the usual assumption of “if you build it, they will come.”  Which is why digital sales on monthly books are still (I am told) no more than a fifth of print sales.

LESSON: five minutes’ work will get you a thumbnail that works better in the Comixology store than 95% of the covers around you.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

ICv2 – Manga Back on Top

Manga took the lead in bookstore graphic novel sales in September.  As frequently happens when they release in the same month, Sailor Moon and Naruto took the top two slots, as manga took back space on the list that it had lost in recent months with DC Comics’ success with their line of Batman books in the wake of the recent film (and a special sales promotion at Barnes & Noble).  In total, manga held eight spots on the list, up from a paltry four last month.

IDW Publishing | The home of 30 Days of Night, Star Trek, Terminator, Transformers, G.I. Joe…

IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce that The Crow’s original creator, James O’Barr will be launching a brand-new story featuring the vengeful avian guide, THE CROW: SKINNING THE WOLVES, a three-issue miniseries set to debut this December. Fans of O’Barr’s dark signature style will be delighted to see him backed by co-artist Jim Terry with a story woven of the same supernatural mystique that made The Crow a favorite of fans worldwide.

What’s Changed in the Flash’s Origin? – Flash #0 Edition « Speed Force

Flash #0 has been out for a few days, detailing the New 52 origin of Barry Allen as the Flash. In the style of the Flash: Rebirth retcon round-up, here’s a list of the major elements that have changed.

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1 | Ultimate Marvel | News |

Tony Stark prepares for the Ultimate Mandarin in these preview pages by Matteo Buffagni!

Belinda Batman wins right to use name on Facebook after the social media giant accused her of using a fake name | The Australian

Ms Batman registered her account under Belinda Batman in 2008 but was notified last month she could no longer be registered because it was a fake name. The battle is just one of many odd anecdotes for Ms Batman, who can trace her family history back to one of Australia’s most prominent Batman families as a relation to John Batman, best known for his role in the founding of Melbourne.


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