Checking That Marvel NOW! Checklist

Checking That Marvel NOW! Checklist

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So we knew it would be called Marvel NOW! That we would have Captain America by Rememder and JrJr, Iron Man by Gillen and Land and an X-Men book by Bendis and Immonen. Some we got half or two-thirds right, such as Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender… but John Cassiday was the artist, not Jerome Opena. Opena would draw Jonathan Hickman‘s Avengers, not Esad Ribic – though we had pointed out he may be on Thor. And Bagley would draw Matt Fraction‘s Fantastic Four not Salvador Larroca. Hulk And The Agents Of Smash and Avengers Assemble we got dead wrong. And we had no idea about Hulk, X-Men Legacy or Deadpool teams, now announced.

So not too bad. But could do better… and just wait for that Wolverine Marvel NOW! relaunch from Frank Cho to be announced at New York Comic Con…

Uncanny Avengers by Remender…

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