Tuesday Trending Topics: Green Lantern And Robin

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Closing in on the one year mark and various aspects of the New 52 continue to hit trending topics. I imagine Zero Month will soon set off a few fresh talking points as well.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Green Lantern #11 To Show Us A New Image Of The Future (SPOILERS)

Tomorrow sees the launch of Green Lantern #11, the beginning of…

Rob Liefeld Planning On Leaving The New 52?

“I will be close behind.”

Taking The Robin Out Of Red Robin

And you thought Batman Inc continuity was confusing. From Batman #1 and from Scott Lobdell talking about Teen Titans #0 at San Diego Comic Con…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid Of A Bomb

Thanks to Daniel Heard…

NSFW Posters For Nurse As Mailed To The Interwebz

Douglas Aarniokoski’s Nurse has been marketed as a pretty sleazy exploitation picture all along the way. The new, strongly not safe for work poster pushes the same button. I guess the marketers know just the audience they’re going for.

Wolverine Concept Art, Set Photos And New Details

A press conference has launched The Wolverine to the Australian media, and several outlets from down under have come back with interesting reports.


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