Talking To Jessica Nigri About Cosplay

Talking To Jessica Nigri About Cosplay

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There’s Cosplay and there is Cosplayers. Jessica Nigri Tops the charts as not only one of the best Cossies in the state of Arizona but quite possibly one of the best on the planet. Here Facebook tops 114,000+ fans and she is one of the most recognized Cossies at any show. Over the last two years we have slowly become friends and I have sat back and watched this young lady become a Superstar in her field. She is a force to be reckoned with. However she is just someone cool too hang out with and talk about whatever comes too mind. She recently graced the cover of Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Oversized Cosplay Special at Phoenix Comicon. I asked her today after all the hustle this weekend at the Phoenix Con to talk about what she has going on and were she started from.

Tell us were you are from originally?

I was born in Reno but grew up in new Zealand! I used to have a little kid kiwi accent and everything :)

How did you come across the Cosplay universe? What made you say I want to do that?

I started cosplaying at San Diego comic con in 2009! Ive always been a huge fan of Pokemon so I decided to dress like Pikachu! I honestly had never heard of cosplay before then so I was very new to the whole scene!

Do you think it helped that you came in much earlier while cosplay was still just a convention thing to do?

I think I did the right costume at the right time and the fact that I “blew up” was a crazy town fluke! Have you seen some of the amazing costumes out there!?

How did you pick what genre you wanted to do? Was it a easy choice or did you have to look at a variety of genre at first?

I picked Pokemon because Pikachu is my FAVORITE. You should see my room…. That and the fact that I had no where near the knowledge or ability to make Anything righteously badass so I was comfortable with Pikachu :)

The competition is somewhat fierce. Did you experience this right at the beginning?

Oh yea! People have been working at this for YEARS and they never got the recognition I did. Which makes me feel bad and others very mad. I just hope one day I can make something that will be worth 100k+ fans….

When was your debut? How nervous were you and did you do it with a group or by yourself?

Debut? Heck mine was a fluke! “performed” by myself haha!

We both have run into each other at several conventions over the last two years. Do you see your self slowing down in the future or are you just getting started?

I would love to make some costumes that will really floor people… So… I am just getting started.

Tell us about Lollipop Chainsaw?

Lollipop Chainsaw created by Grasshopper Manufacturer, KADOKAWA Games and Warner Bro’s studios; is a game about a girl who wakes up on her 18th birthday and gets a zombie apocalypse for a present.

 I know when you found out you were very excited. Emotional has this been everything you thought it would be?

It has truly and genuinely been everything and more. I feel so blessed and I really CANNOT THANK MY AMAZING MOB OF FANS ENOUGH!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!

How has this whole new fan base changed your way you prepare for a convention?

Yes. I am way more terrified than before. I pick my nose less in public and I am VERY AWARE of when I pick wedgies. Haha…. But seriously.

Mike Debalfo’s Squirrel girls launch at Phoenix Comicon this month. Possible comic or is this just going to be more cosplay oriented?

We shall SEEE!

I know this is a tough question to ask, but how do you stay Nice at a con?

Oh shoot, I’m a nice person so it comes naturally! I get tired but I do my darndest to make the people that come
Up to me feel special :) you never know what kind of day they had!

How long is your tour?

I am done once the game is released! JUNE 12th…. I’m sad… I don’t ever want it to end :((

What did you learn in Japan that will help you in the states?

That the US will never have toilet seats like Japan… Oh you said help? Ninjas are your best ally. In a pinch? You better call a ninja.

What number did you hit Facebook and say “WTF” I have a lot of fans? Your thoughts the second you hit 100,000 fans?

Haha I hit one thousand and I was like “HOLY CRAP”
Then when I hit 100,000 fans I just stared at the screen. My eyes got all
Crusty cause I was staring so long in disbelief. I STILL can’t believe it.

You’re part of the mighty Arizona Community. Both the creators and the stores seem to welcome you with open arms. Surprised?

I just want to help any way I can. And all of these people are so FREAKING awesome. I love kind people so I will keep running into the open arms!

Anything coming up you can whisper to the fans out there for Bleeding Cool?

There will be blood….
Haha no just kidding hmmm….
There is some seriously awesome news coming out from Anime Expo in the next week or so!
And… A hint on my next costume? I’m going to need a LOT of wonder flex…

How can folks keep up with you? and

Three characters you would love to pimp out at San Diego or New York Comic Cons?

Those are secrets :)))


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