The Return Of Stephen Platt

Who remembers Stephen Platt? Hyper textualised, hyper exaggerated, he was the ultime in the worst of what would later be called Image Comics style… and also the best. Every character, every page, every panel exploded in a mass of detail. Anatomy was for losers, especially when it could be covered in wood splinters, bullets or drops of blood.

After rocketing sales of Moon Knight, he was grabbed by Rob Liefeld and put to work on Prophet. He later created his own book, Soul Saga and then… nothing., He disappeared into film.

Recently he returned to comics, drawing cover for Marvel. And now he’s having a look at some of his board, old and new, and posting them on Facebook . Care for a blast from the past?

About Rich Johnston

Chief writer and founder of Bleeding Cool. Father of two. Comic book clairvoyant. Political cartoonist.

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