Creating A Comic Book On The iPad

I doubt I’ll be getting an iPad 3 new iPad, when the one I have still seems as if it can do marvellous stuff. Although I haven’t even tried to attempt the following. Jonathan Woodard writes;

i only have 3 more pages to go before I can release the FREE 5 page preview of Samuel J. Coffy: Action Panda Cop. the idea of making a comic on the ipad start to finish may sound like a waste of time…but it isn’t. as a matter of fact it feels very natural. as a indy creator it can get pretty expensive trying to put together your own comic and then release it. especially if you’re having to any digital work that would require creative suite software. but now, thanks to the ipad and a hand full of amazing apps, i can just do it all on one handy mobile device and offer the book in the iBook store to millions of people. one would think the ipad workflow would be all jacked up but it isn’t. i sketch the page in brushes, jump straight to the inks, color it in brushes, add textures in brushes and now…thanks to an amazing app called Strip Designer…i even letter the comic on my iPad. this app is feature rich but one of the greatest features is you can import whatever fonts (ttf files) you want from great font providers like BLAMBOT to show you how awesome this is, below is PG2 of my comic book, lettered on my iPad with the use of the CRIMEFIGHTER font i downloaded from BLAMBOT straight into the Strip Designer app. yes a new dawn of comic book creation is before us…at least for indy guys like myself.

Okay, okay, I might just have a go… here’s how the comic will look in the iBook store…

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