Rome: Total War Collection Is Now Available On iPad

Feral Interactive today announced that the ROME: Total War Collection, a bundle containing the acclaimed historical strategy game Rome: Total War and its expansions Barbarian Invasion and Alexander, is out now on iPad. Originally developed by Creative Assembly for Windows PC and brought to iOS by Feral Interactive, this release marks the first anniversary of Rome: Total War’s iPad debut. The Rome: Total War […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For April 3

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on April 3, the 93rd day of the year: 1860- The first […]

The Bioshock iOS App Is Coming Back

The other day, I wrote about the the loss of the Bioshock app on iOS platforms. It seemingly disappeared without warning, after not working with recent iOS updates. At that time a representative of 2K said the game was gone, and they apologiesed for it. It seems they may have spoken too soon though. In […]

Bioshock iOS Port Has Been Entirely Delisted On Stores

Bioshock for iPhone and iPad always seemed an incredibly weird concept ever since it was announced. As it turns out, the game was not very good at all either, with limited control schemes on the touchpad and significant;y downgraded visuals. The game has actually been more or less unusable for a while now too. Ever […]

Will The iPad Pro Make Every Comic An Absolute Comic? Ish?

The Absolute line of comics from DC, pioneered at the publisher by Scott Dunbier, and now replicated by other companies is a format featuring oversized, hardcover comics hitting 15.8 inches in height. The art blown up, the production values and paper quality raised, extras added and maybe even a slipcase. In comparison, reading comic books on […]

Art Comic Publisher Nobrow Expands To Digital Today With iPad App

Premier art comics publisher Nobrow have taken a major step today into engagement with digital media, introducing their iPad app for Nobrow titles. The move wasn’t exactly a foregone conclusion. Plenty of indie and art comic publishers have not yet made such a leap, and in the case of Nobrow, the publisher are known for […]

Batman & The Flash: Hero Run For iOS And Android

DC Entertainment has released a new mobile game, an over-the-shoulder infinite runner that focuses on Batman and The Flash. Here is the description for Batman & The Flash: Hero Run – Give Joker or Gorilla Grodd a run for their money! Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is an exciting new game app now available for […]

John Byrne, The Fantastic Four And Racebending In Casting

There has, naturally, been some debate on Bleeding Cool message boards on the merits of racebending when casting roles in movies based on comic books from the sixties. With Louis Falcetti saying: I now realize that “diversity” isn’t a bad word, and choosing to look at the casting of a black actor in a traditionally […]

Comic Con Nerds Will Save Earth. Maybe.

Jonathan Woodard writes for Bleeding Cool: I’m Jonathan Woodard and I’m probably best known for drawing and completing the first comic made entirely on an iPad “Samuel J. Coffy: Action Panda Cop”. I’m now working on a new web comic – “GET TO THE CON”. It’s about a group of 30 year old nerds who […]

Kyle Lambert Vs Bryan Hitch – Finger Painting, Finger Tracing Or Something Else?

You might have seen the viral video of a finger painted photorealistic portrait of Morgan Freeman (12 million views in a few days). The artist’s name is Kyle Lambert. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEdRLlqdgA4[/youtube] There is some debate as to how the image was created. He did not give credit to the photographer of the Morgan Freeman piece until […]

Afterlife With Archie Gets An App

Archie Comics is hitting the wireless world. A new free app is now available for Afterlife With Archie on Apple (iPhone, iPad), Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Windows Store. The series written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and with art by Francesco Francavilla has been selling out in comic shops regularly. So it seems like a […]

Crucible From Freeman And Smuzz Hits The iPad

Crucible, the co-creation of John Freeman and Smuzz, that saw print in Strip: The Adventure Comics Magazine from the UK is now being offered on-line in a US-comic style digital format for the iPad and is now available from Apple’s ‘Newsstand’ store. The co-creators, who have been working on this project for several years, decided […]

Comic Style Adventure Game Comes To Your Apple Device

Nova-Box has released its new game Echoes for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Set in a film noir world, the company considers there game an interactive adventure comic book with multiple endings depending on the choices you make along the way. Kind of a choose-your-own-adventure on a digital screen. In the first episode called Greenhearth, […]

Digital Comics Without Words To Teach Communication Skills

A lot of fans and industry professionals talk about bringing in new readers to comics, but the truth is a lot of that is just talk. Everyone wants more readers but very few take the time and effort to do something about it. Those that do should be applauded, encouraged and supported… Juan Felipe Salcedo […]

When Jim Salicrup Met Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man Wrapped Around An iPad

At San Diego Comic Con, Bleeding Cool got handed a couple of Todd McFarlane Spider-Man iPad cases. One was snaffled up by Bleeding Cool’s Hannah Means-Shannon. Who took it with her to Papercutz, publisher of children’s graphic novels in the European style. Where Jim Salicrup, the man who edited that run on Spider-Man is now […]