A Request Made To DC Comics From Eve Johnston, Aged Six. Seven In A Week And A Bit.

Dear DC Comics,

A couple of years ago, you very kindly sent my daughters a box full of DC merchandise for kids. My very picky five year old daughter Eve looked through most of the merchandise and was dismissive of it, deciding only to keep the Wonder Woman colouring in books and the Raven costume. Oh, and the box. Here’s the video.


Since then she has relented on the Justice League swimming goggles, the Superman towel and one or two other items. She also changed her mind about the Raven costume – it has never been worn. Sorry. I keep it in case her younger sister, Alice, fancies it.

In a week and a half, Eve is seven. And amidst a bunch of stuff, she wants some comics. Bless, I thought. I mean she’s not been deprived of comics, she has some of the Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four which she loves (hates Spider-Man), she has a few Pakkins Land, she’s a big fan of the L’il Endless, the Glister comics from Andi Watson are a hit, and we’re working our way through Bone. Super Dinosaur is okay, she guesses. Tiny Titans… she gives to her sister. Sorry. Too babyish, apparently. Her favourite comic is still the Adventures Of Supergirl In The Ninth Grade, but there is something missing.

Because what she wants for her birthday are some Catwoman and some Wonder Woman comics.


Wonder Woman Classic is not good enough I’m told. Because “daddy, this is not a comic and its for babies”.

Back issues going back to the time when she was the intended audience for such comics, I’m told are “too old” and she wants “new comics.” Floppies as well, she doesn’t want the collections because they are too much like books. And they have to be Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Nothing else will do. Not even Young Justice, she’s quite specific. She’s been marketed Wonder Woman and Catwoman through other media, she wants their comics now please.

I’m as guilty as anyone as wanting grim’n’gritty superheroes. I have bought plenty, As an adolescent I especially enjoyed the effect Wolverine, Watchmen, Dark Knight and Punisher had on the rest of the books. More recently as The Authority changed everything else, I applauded. And I’m not going to get all upset about the current Wonder Woman and Catwoman books, I enjoy them, the T+ label, intended for sixteen year olds and over, is justified, and they are both good books.

Just not for Eve.

So how about this? For her eighth birthday, any chance of some age appropriate comics featuring one or the other? I can’t be the only geek dad in this situation…

Otherwise  I’m going to have to sit her down and sell her on non-corporate owned comics.  Does anyone have a nine year old Robert Kirkman handy? She looks up to nine year olds.

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