Lying In The Gutters - 23rd January, 2012

Lying In The Gutters – 23rd January, 2012

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This would have been the week of the DC logo at Bleeding Cool. But then the Russians all started tuning into our discussion of the ending of the second season of Sherlock. Nevertheless, the images above are how Mudman creator Paul Grist and friend of the site Mo Ali would redesign the DC Comics logo…

Later this week on Bleeding Cool, (I hope), in the light of allegations made against co-CEO Nancy Silberkeit of Archie Comics, a look into other bad behaviour from those who have run the company, an analysis of how comics statistics are being used to paint false pictures of what’s actually happening in comic stores, a possible new DC comic book from one of their upcoming stars and how I appear to be writing more comics in April than either Scott Lobdell or Jason Aaron. But for now, what you have been reading this week on Bleeding Cool…

Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week

1. How Sherlock Did It

2. DC Comics Launches New Logo With Watchmen Variant

3. Fox News Attacks DC Comics

4. Cullen Bunn Takes Wolverine, Symbiote Summer Event And The End Of Moon Knight

5. Rob Liefeld And Robert Kirkman Kill The Infinite

6. 4Chan Liefeldizes The New 52

7. DC Got A Logo Last Week. And Here It Was.

8. Did Stormwatch #5 Give Us A Glimpse Of The Justice Society?

9. DC Comics Demonstrates How The New Logo Will Be Used

10. Has The Most Mind-Blowing Of Possible Avengers Cameos Been Revealed?

11. Is Batman #5 A Vertigo Comic?

12. Marvel April 2012 Covers In Thumbnail Form

13. Robama Against Manga In This New DC Comics Funded Ad

14. John Rozum Speaks Out Over Creative And Editorial Differences On Static Shock

15. Rob Liefeld May Or May Have Not Seen Eight Minutes Of Deadpool

16. Marvel In April 2012 – Have We Lost All Generation Hope

17. Calm Down Dear, It’s Just A Mock Up

18. Green Marvel Monsters Ahoy

19. Will Public Domain Comic Characters Go Back Into Copyright?

20. Swipe File: The Infinite Vs X-Force

Ten Posts You May Prefer

1. Uncanny X-Men #5 Gives Plaintive Foreshadowing Of Avengers VS X-Men

2. Bone Movie Gets New Writer And Director

3. Gail Simone Spins Off Milhouse, Bart Simpson’s Pal

4. What It’s Like To Win An Oscar (From Jane Fonda) In The Words Of Dead Poets Society’s Tom Schulman

5. The BPRD Training Camp – Why It’s Cool To Be A Kid In Portland

6. Read The Script For The Sequel To The Best Zombie Rape Drama You’ve Never Seen

7. Paul Duffield, Co-Creator Of Freakangels, Needs Your Support

8. Warts-And-All Documentary To Show Behind The Scenes Wars On Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

9. San Diego Comic Con Gets Zombified In Sam Humphries’ Fanboys Vs Zombies

10. Literally Hundreds Of First Look Images From Transit

Thanks to Grace Randolph, George Peter Gatsis, A Comic Shop, Adi Tantimedh and Paul W Franklin,

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