Get Alan Moore's Computer Keyboard, Signed, On eBay

Get Alan Moore’s Computer Keyboard, Signed, On eBay

Posted by December 9, 2011 Comment

As Elke Pollard was painting Alan Moore’s portrait, they reached an arrangement in which she could take his old computer keyboard (he was upgrading), signed by Alan, and sell it on eBay.

And so that’s what’s happened. It’s currently at £51 (I bid £50) , and there’s no guarantee it will actually work, but if you win this you will be helping fund Elke Pollard’s Wall Of Death, and may well be able to write whatever you choose using Alan Moore’s own keyboard touched by his own fingers and covered in the ash from Alan’s own cigarettes.

In fact, considering that last bit, I’m not sure whether owning the keyboard would be considered strictly legal, based on what may or may not be embedded between some of the keys.

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