Batman #77 Now Sells For Up to $30 on eBay Before Comic Stores Open

Batman #77 Sells For Up to $30 on eBay Before Comic Stores Have Even Opened

It’s all kicking off. Yesterday Bleeding Cool reported that because of some rather sensational spoilers that Bleeding Cool did its best to pragmatically row back on, it is currently becoming rather difficult to buy today’s Batman #77. Yesterday we reported that copies were selling for up to $7.50. But that was then. As of this […]

Speculators Corner: Marvel Comics Presents #6 - First Appearance of Wolverine's Daughter?

Comic Store in Your Future – Speculators, Cornered

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. With brand new recent issues over the last few months going for at times up to three times cover price or more right after their release, comic stores have had to deal with a lot more flippers (people wanting a comic only to flip […]

No One Left to Fight is a $20 Comic on eBay Right Now

No One Left to Fight is a $20 Comic on eBay Right Now

This week saw the release of No One Left to Fight, written by Aubrey Sitterson with art by Fico Ossio and letters by Taylor Esposito, billed as “the comic you always wanted.” And for the first time in the history of comics, could No One Left to Fight actually live up to its own hype? […]

A Rare Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus Just Broke Ebay’s MTG Sales Record

Yes, it’s true, it’s happened again. Another rare Black Lotus card from Magic: The Gathering has set another sales record, this time on eBay. You see a picture of the card that was sold below, as it went for $166,100, the highest an MTG card has ever sold on the auction website. The previous record was held by […]

Why is the Wii U Selling for Over $500 on Amazon and Ebay?

Something really weird is happening online with the Nintendo Wii U as prices for the console have soared in the past week to ridiculous prices. A few different websites and forums have picked up on the fact that people are currently charging big bucks for the previous Nintendo console, starting around $500 on both eBay […]

TMNT Favorite Casey Jones Mask Now Available From NECA

TMNT badboy Casey Jones has a new mask available from NECA. Based on his look from the fan-favorite 1990 film, it retails for $29.99 and is shipping now. It should also be on store shelves in the next week or so, but If you want to pick one up now, you can get one on […]

EBay Thwarts Super NES Classic Edition Scalpers… For Now

The hundreds of scalpers looking to make a tidy sum off the Super NES Classic Edition ahead of release just got a swift kick int he backside from eBay this week. Several sellers noticed their listings for the console, ranging from $150 to an insane $700, were taken down by the shopping and auction website […]

And You Thought Cereal Boxes Were Just For The Toys Inside

The worlds of trading cards, comics, coins, and stamps have all long been known as collector’s havens, but there’s another one out there that’s been historically fairly niche and that might now be changing: Cereal Box Collecting. Yup, we’re talking that box on the morning breakfast table that you fish around in for the toy surprise […]

First Appearances Of Legion Ramp Up On eBay After FX TV Premier

After the very positive reception to Legion on FX in the US last night (and Fox UK in the UK tonight) the first appearance of David Haller have been getting attention on eBay. Copies of the first cameo appearance of the character, New Mutants #25, have recently sold for up to $34 raw and $227 in […]

15 SDCC Exclusives That Some Jerk Already Flipped On eBay For Over $500 Each

For some people, going to San Diego Comic-Con pays for itself. Even after the air tickets, hotel rooms and passes into the show. And here’s how… these prices represent the highest for items actually sold on eBay that we could find – so far. $1450 for a signed Suicide Squad cast poster.   $800 for […]

Speculator Corner: Scarlet #1 Sells For $90 On eBay

Since the announcement that Scarlet by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev and published by Marvel Comics will be going into TV development by HBO, people have been buying up copies on eBay. And yesterday, that saw one copy of the first issue, first print, unslabbed, sell on eBay for $89.99. Given that a month ago, […]

Selling Rob Granito’s Deadpool And Lingerie Harley Quinn On eBay

Recent readers of Bleeding Cool may be mystified by the occasional mentions of a certain Rob Granito. A creator of comic-book inspired art sold at comic conventions, he claimed impressive credits for himself that were eventually exposed as fabrications, he claimed that he’d created work that he appeared to have scanned and printed, and others that he […]

ComicsPRO Swag Has Already Hit eBay For Hundreds

So what kind of swag have retailers at the ComicsPRO event in Portland been able to pick up? Here are some reports… And it started with ashcans for The Fix in the bar… Yesterday was the unofficial start of the annual ComicsPRO meeting, a three-day conference… https://t.co/TaFM1IiLq6 pic.twitter.com/OEO5HQEJWt — I don’t know what we’re yelling […]

2 Tone Comics Launches Its Flood Emergency Appeal

2 Tone Comics, the comic store in Hebden Bridge that was the victim of floods over Christmas, is launching an appeal on eBay. They’re limited to what they can put up at any one time, so you might want to bookmark their store. But it currently includes original art from Bryan Talbot (I just took it […]