Flash Gordon Vs Ming… And Hitler, All For A Dollar?

Last Friday, Bleeding Cool gave you the news that Dynamite were to publish Flash Gordon comic books. Well today they made it all official with art, press releases and all that for Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist. And an Alex Ross cover that has both Ming… and Hitler.

See, I’d be tempted to buy it just for that. Oh and the first issue is just a dollar as well, which might help swing it. Written by  Eric Trautmann with story elements and designd  by Ales Ross and art from Daniel Lindro. Here’s the solicits;

“As Flash Gordon’s story begins, it is a time of two-fisted swashbuckling, of fearsome threats and wild adventure-and of ever-growing threats on the horizon. Three valiant humans — Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov — are plucked from the Earth, traveling to the distant planet Mongo. Their exploits are legendary, battling the machinations and terror schemes of the dreaded emperor Ming, the All-Seeing Ruler of Mongo. But they did not fight alone! And coming up, witness a startling meeting with Ming the Merciless! With the fate of our world helpless, can even Flash Gordon save us?”

Other covers from Paul Renaud, Wagner Reis and Francisco Francavilla.

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