This Is The Way The Marvel Cookie Crumbled

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One of our little bleeders, Allen Fan, went to a branch of Williams Sonoma on Saturday with his friend Annie to take part in the Create-A-Superhero-Cookie charity event with Marvel Comics. And found themselves the only adults in a sea of five-to-eight year olds. Aside from Spider-Man that is.

And took a few photos while he was there.

“I actually forgot to take a pic of my 2 cookies when done since, well, they were horrible. But it was still wholesome fun for a good cause. On a side note, I visited a different Williams Sonoma yesterday evening and they had a huge stack of the comics in the front. The employee said it’s free and that I could take it. I imagine others have a bunch leftover too. Very flimsy freebie and not on the usual paper so don’t expect high grade CGC quality books. And of course the cashier was asking for $1 donations for the charity from anyone buying stuff.”

Window poster.

Spider-Man Table.

IronMan Table.

Where’s Spidey?

Wait… this is for kids?

Bits and bobs.


Spider-Man again (back view)

The perfect Christmas gift. Just before your divorce.

Allen’s “canvas”.

Allen and Annie’s “canvases”

Annie;s cookies – better than Allen’s.

Allen tries to eat the evidence.

He succeeds.

Bye bye cookies!

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