Wednesday Runaround - A Right Royal Occasion

Wednesday Runaround – A Right Royal Occasion

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TVWatch: I’m going to be on telly this morning sometime with Mike Collins on ITV’s This Morning. We’re filming outside Buckingham Palace in the new media village that has been erected for the Royal Wedding, and we’re, naturally talking about our royal wedding comic book Kate And William: A Very Public Love Story, available in comic stores, book stores, Hastings, Amazon and the like. We’re told we’ll get about 90 seconds, including a couple of panels that Mike has drawn especially for ITV… blink and you’ll miss us.

FCBDWatch: Jetpack Comics gear up for Free Comic Book Day…

CoverWatch: Here’s David Aja’s cover for Red Skull 4, and Joe Quesada’s variant cover for the Ultimate Comics Death Of Spider-Man upcomiong issue…

DonationWatch: A fund created by the family of the late Charles M. Schulz.The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is matching any donations made to the museum until September 15th will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $30,000.

StoreWatch: The Portal of Bethlehem Township gets profiled by local press, Lehigh Valley News.

Their conversation sounded almost code-like at times as they weighed the merits of the apocalyptic “Crossed” — “It was just gore porn,” Rasimowicz said — and “The Boys.”

They agreed that this latter title is a winner. It’s the story of a CIA-funded group of secret superheroes who exist to rein in the egoistic excesses of public superheroes.

“At its core, it’s just guys who beat the heck out of superheroes,” Smith said.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Mark Millar on Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern – Mark Millar interview – GQ Film – GQ.COM (UK)

“I’m excited. I’ve always felt Green Lantern was the untapped franchise.  The power is a bit weird: to be able to think stuff up with your ring and giant green plasma versions of your thoughts appear. That’s kind of tricky. But the interplanetary police force aspect is a pretty cool. It’s like Star Wars with loads of aliens who are all superheroes. You can see the toys. This is DC’s Iron Man, I think.

ICv2 – He’s Baaack! Arnold on New ‘Terminator’ Project

Powerhouse talent agency CAA is shopping a new Terminator project to studios with Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star and Justin Lin, who’s Fast Five is tearing up the international markets, as the director. This is the first movement on a Terminator project since the property was acquired by the hedge fund Pacificor in February.

AUDIO COMIC « Jonathan Robson

A life-size LEGO Space Helmet plays downloadable audio tracks for comics.<br />
The concept designed by Jonathan Robson is based on a LEGO helmet with a gold space visor. The helmet acts as a headset for listening to the audio for LEGO comics as well as a role-playing toy. Once subscribed to Audio Comic, you’ll receive the LEGO comic through the post with your activation code to download the audio onto a USB brick. Simply slot the brick into the back of the helmet, put it on and enjoy the exciting LEGO Audio comic experience!

Hobby Star Takes Legal Action Over “Fan Expo” Name – Comic Book Resources

In a surprising turn of events, a new conflict has popped up in the increasingly competitive world of North American pop culture conventions as Hobby Star Marketing – operators of the Toronto Fan Expo convention – have filed an injunction against Zuffa LLC – the operators of the Ultimate Fighting Championship league – and convention company Reed Exhibitions over the name of this upcoming weekend’s “UFC Fan Expo” show in Toronto.

A Message From Meatwad: The ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Is No More! » MTV Geek

After 11 years, 7 seasons, a feature film, and 100 episodes, Adult Swim stalwart Aqua Teen Hunger Force is no more.

Bryan Fuller offers first look at Pushing Daisies comic | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

There’s also no word yet as to when we’ll see the first issue, as Pushing Daisies had been destined for DC Comics’ recently closed WildStorm imprint.

Bill Willingham: Teller Of Tales « Danny Graydon

At the beginning, I was in this pattern of coming up with ideas for Vertigo comics that they would agree to do and which would get a pleasant amount of critical attention and no sales. Even though I thought Fables was a stronger idea than most, I expected it to follow that pattern. If we got a full 12 issues out of it, I would have counted that as a masterstroke of success! So yes, the long-term success of Fables has come as a bit of a surprise – and continues to. I am not the most trusting fellow: I keep expecting the entire readership to wake up in time and collectively realise that we have been making these stories of talking ducks and moo-cows and exclaim “ what were they thinking?”…!

Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind’ as personal archaeology | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

Miyazaki said that his inspiration came from two sources: One was the original Nausicäa, the Phaeacian princess who cares for the shipwrecked Odysseus in Book Six of “The Odyssey.” The second was a princess who loved nature, especially insects, and refused to conform to social norms in the 11th century Japanese collection of stories “Tales of the Tsutsumi Middle Counselor.

Wonder Woman #610: Exclusive Preview – Comics Preview at IGN

After the shocking reveal of the mystery behind the new Wonder Woman in issue #609, we can’t wait to pick up this issue for some explanation. Diana has certainly been undergoing the test of a lifetime, but which lifetime is it?

David Aja’s Red Skull Covers

“Due to the nature of the story, I wanted to portray the historical aspects on the covers,” said Aja. “In doing so, I approached the covers as if they were real posters, newspapers and Nazi propaganda from that time, kind of in a documentary style. To make it work, I utilized different typographic techniques for each issue, emulating different typefaces in real work; so I needed a uniform tone, technique and color in the finished art to identify all the covers as a whole collection.”

Testudownists: Put on your tinfoil hats, it’s crazy theory time.

Anyway, because Marvel cannot keep a secret to save its life, they revealed some new information about Ultimate Spider-Man, post-“Death of Spider-Man”. A new costume for Ultimate Spider-Man was shown, as well as the declaration that this new Spider-Man is not Peter Parker.

Green Lantern Gets An Extra $9 Million To Finish The Visual Effects On Time –

“There is no problem on Green Lantern .We try to add things to make the movie better until the 11th hour. That doesn’t mean we’re risking the movie up to the 11th hour.” And Variety rightly notes that it’s basically impossible that the studio will allow the movie to miss its release date, meaning all the fixes taking place right now are the kind of tweaks that add to the promise of an effects-heavy spectacle, the kind of movie we expect to be routine in the summer months.

Making “Genius”: Mullaney and Canwell on Alex Toth | The Comics Journal

Dan DiDio deserves all the kudos for giving permission to reprint “Battle Flag of the Foreign Legion,” and equally importantly, to make sure the deal actually got done. He and DC were also kind enough to grant permission for us to reprint two other incredibly important stories—“Burma Sky” and “White Devil…Yellow Devil”—in our follow-up book, Genius, Illustrated. A friend of Alex’s graciously loaned the original art for both stories; “White Devil…” is particularly interesting in that Alex re-inked some pages after the art was returned from DC. I think DC made an exception to their policy in tribute to Alex, but I just don’t know.

With new movie, Zorro heads to the future | 24 Frames | Los Angeles Times

Unlike many of the previous Zorros (real name: Don Diego de la Vega) brandishing whips and swords, the hero of the new installment will live in the future — specifically a desolate and post-apocalyptic one, according to a person familiar with the film who asked not to be identified. A Fox spokeswoman declined to comment.

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