Birmingham Comic Con To Replace BICS In August

Birmingham Comic Con To Replace BICS In August

Posted by April 25, 2011 Comment

So the Birmingham British International Comic Show may have bitten the dust. But it has been replaced by its twin brother (or possibly sister), the Birmingham Comicon, organised by, basically, the same people who organised BICS.

How peculiar.

The spin given to the Birmingham Mail is that with the usual Think Tank venue unavailable, they couldn’t find a suitable or sizeable equivalent in the whole country, not even the London Design Centre used by Kapow! – which frankly sounds bizarre and unbelievable, considering that the BICS is generally smaller than Kapow.

Anyway, enough of that, we now have a new one day comic con for Birmingham on Saturday, August the 27th, which is always good news. Here’s the rather fun looking website. They already have Dave Gibbons and Chris Sprouse, with many more to be named, obviously. Oh look, Jimmy Broxton is coming. I wonder how they managed to swing that…

Tickets are £11.50, tickets including the Friday night party are £40 and VIP Tickets are £50.

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