Maisie Williams to Host UK "RuPaul’s Drag Race" for BBC

Maisie Williams to Host UK “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for BBC

With the airing of the finale of Game of Thrones, many fans were wondering what was next for series star Maisie Williams. We mean, aside from The New Mutants FINALLY getting a freaking theatrical release. Ugh. Turns out, Williams will be sashaying into guest judging duties for a UK adaptation of USA-favorite reality competition series, RuPaul’s Drag […]

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Being Investigated for Consumer Rights Violations

The Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom has started an investigation into the business practices of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, focusing mainly on their online gaming contracts. The CMA will examine whether the contract terms are fair, how easy it is to cancel a pre-order or obtain a refund, and how the auto-renewal […]

Epic Games Shut Down the Unlicensed Fortnite Festival

London-based company Exciting Events hosted an unofficial Fortnite fan festival in Norfolk last weekend, however, any plans for future Fortnite fests were shut down thanks to a lawsuit by Epic Games. It doesn’t help that the festival was, according to many attendees, completely underwhelming. While Exciting Events themselves allege that attendees loved the festival, many parents are […]

Luther Series 5 Premiere: U.K.’s Most Watched New Year’s Day Program

London finally has one of its greatest protectors back, taking to the streets to confront the evils that men (and women) do. Though it’s been some time (three years!?!) since Idris Elba‘s (Thor: Ragnarok) Detective John Luther was “back in London, back in the coat,” fans of BBC One‘s Luther clearly missed the crime solver in a big way. Airing […]

SNL’s Brexit Sketch Was Weirdest, Most Unexpected Thing They Ever Did

Near the end of NBC‘s Saturday Night Live (SNL) winter finale, we were treated to the last thing I ever expected them to do: a sketch about Brexit. This is unexpected. My first thought was, “Why would they do this?” Most Americans don’t know or care about Brexit. They don’t think Brexit would have any meaningful impact […]

The UK Is Getting Its First eSports Scholarship from the University of Roehampton London

The United Kingdom is getting its first eSports university scholarship program thanks to the University of Roehampton London, making it the first London university to offer scholarships to gamers. The scholarship will give out £1,500 GBP a year to support a student on any course, at any level, both undergraduate and post-graduate. Ten eSports scholarships […]

NSE Becomes the First Official University Esports Body in U.K.

The British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), which serves as the national governing body for university sport in the U.K. (much like the NCAA does in the U.S.) will now oversee an esports arm called National Student Esports (NSE). The new system was created by Benchmark, which is “a group of organizations that specialize in the development […]

Space Chickens in Space Set to Engage in Some Animated “Fowl Play”

Move over “Pigs in Space”, because you have some stiff competition in the whole space-faring animals category. British production company CAKE, Australia’s Studio Moshi, Mexico’s Ánima and Ireland’s Gingerbread Animation are teaming-up on new children’s animated comedy series Space Chickens in Space. Created by José C. García de Letona and Rita Street, with Jordan Gaucher serving […]

Rellik: Cinemax Teases UK Time-Reversed Murder Mystery Series

We’ve seen all types of variations of the “physically/mentally scarred detectives who have to pull it together to track down a huge evil” theme over the years. Sometimes, one of them turns out to be a ghost. Other times, they’re time displaced and can only communicate through something like an old radio. There was even […]

Sean Bean Gets Properly Fast, Furious in Sky’s Racing Drama ‘Curfew’

Moving ahead with a project that the network is hoping is more “Gumball Rally via Fast and the Furious” and less The Cannonball Run, British broadcaster Sky is moving ahead with futuristic racing drama Curfew. The eight-episode series stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Malachi Kirby (Roots), and follows the Vin Diesel-less story of […]

Dokudami Tenement, Exhibited For The First Time In The UK

Black Hook Press/Gallery Hakusen are exhibiting, for the first time in the UK, original art from the 1980s slice of life manga series Dokudami Tenement at Orbital Comics in London, right now. Dokudami Tenement tells the fortunes of a group of single room dwellers who live on the margins of Tokyo society. The series ran […]

Welcome To Weird Britain – What The UK General Election Might Mean

So how did we get here? David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom promised the country a referendum on membership of the European Union, in order to placate Conservative Party voters who were switching to UKIP, whose one main policy was to leave the EU. Cameron supported Remain. Remain lost. Leave won. In the […]

“Queen” Brings Political Drama, Corruption, And Hacktivism To Kickstarter

One of the latest comics looking for some Kickstarter love is Queen, a new political thriller that tells the story of corruption, hacktivism, and an unelected leader who takes the reins of the UK government. Not a lot unlike the current political situation in the UK. The comic comes from Jamie Me, Bernard Gita, and Sean Callahan. […]