Monday Trending Topics: Vengeance Of The Planet Of Megan Fox

Monday Trending Topics: Vengeance Of The Planet Of Megan Fox

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Goodbye Monday:  Marvel moves from Fear to evil in the Marvel U with the announcement of Vengeance (it should’ve been about Loathing, but ah well). On the movie side, we’ve got the first footage for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Meanwhile in real life, Nicolas Cage‘s stolen Action #1 is recovered but it belongs to his insurance company and not him. Since it’s probably appreciated, oh… 800% or so since he bought it, sucks for him.  But there’s always comics & movies to cheer you up:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Marvel’s Vengeance Revealed (UPDATE)

Tom Brennan says they wanted to do a series that focused on the villains, “and naturally when it comes to pure evil Joe Casey comes to mind.” they’re exploring the nature of evil in the Marvel Universe, which has always been more complex than you might see in other comics. Marvel villains have strong motivations.

The Death Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us

Some readers have been curious as to just how the current Ultimate arc, The Death Of Spider-Man will, in anyway, involve, well, the death of Spider-Man as both titles Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs New Ultimates, don’t seem to have that much of a connection.

A Decade Later, Nicolas Cage’s Stolen Action Comics #1 Is Recovered

It’s probably the most notorious comic book heist ever.  In 2000,  high grade copies of Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 were stolen from Nicolas Cage‘s home.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Misfits Season 3 Won’t Feature Robert Sheehan, New Character Coming

From the queue for Movie X at Kapow: At the Misfits panel, it was announced that last we’ll see of Robert Sheehan‘s character Nathan in Misfits, the show Rich calls ” the hit superpowered comedy drama from E4″, will be an online “farewell episode”.

Trailer And Clip For Passion Play With Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke And Megan Fox

Is Megan Fox an angel sent from heaven, or a freak of nature?

First Footage From The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Shows Off A Moody Ape

It’s a WETA FX gig, so you know it’s going to look good – and they’ve even got a track record in, very specifically, digitally-rendered simians performed by Andy Serkis. They were on home turf all the way.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

And before I go, a pointer to my #comicmarket friends who will be talking comic trends in realtime on Tuesday starting… right now.

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