Lying In The Gutters – 14th March 2011

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So that’s what I’ll be doing on the 2nd of April. And it seems the world’s media will be there, from Japan, Germany, the USA, Frace, Italy, Spain, Australia Canada… why not come along and try and get yourself on camera?

But first a few odds and ends. Charles Soule is planning  a bonus story in the first 27 trade to entice people to double dip. He’s planning the whole series out as First Set, Second Set, Third Set and finally Encore, each about 4 issues long.

Darick Robertson has submitted a Conan proposal to Dark Horse.  The Butcher series continues apace, but reading current issues of the Boys for him “is like watching your ex-girlfriend and your child fool around with you in the room.”

And Jack of Fables #50 will be entirely splash pages. Okay, on with this week’s traffic!

Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week

1. The Family Guy Tsumani/Pearl Harbour Tweet That Set The World Alight

2. The Big Debate Over The Wasp’s Bottom

3. Stan Lee Edited Deposition On The Origins Of The Marvel Universe

4. Why Chip Kidd Hates The All Star Superman Cover

5. Justice League Of Pornstars Covers (SFWHonest)

6. In Which Aaron Exkhart Says Something Interesting

7. Back To The Brazilian Painted Lady Superheroes (NSFWUWLIBIG)

8. Where In The World Is Batwoman?

9. The Amazon Glitch Anniversary

10. What Happened With Nick Spencer and Supergirl?

11. Batporn

12. Les Femme Fatales Cosplay Exhibition

13. Where In The World Is Batman Odyssey?

14. Amazing Fantasy #15 Sells For Over A Million

15. The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

16. Emma Watson Is A Riddler

17. Set Visits For Superman Vs Spider-Man XXX

18. Tronporn

19. The Real Life Super Heroes Of New York Are A Bit Rubbish

20. Hot Comics – The Two Hundred Dollar Club

Top Ten Other Things You Might Have Missed

1. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa And Peter Nguyen’s CrossGen Revival Route 666 To Be Announced By Marvel At C2E2?

2. Win Tickets To The London Premiere Of Rubber – It’s Brilliant, You Want To Win

3. G. Willow Wilson And David Lopez’s CrossGen Revival Mystic To Be Announced By Marvel At C2E2?

4. Edgar Wright Asked To Direct Walking Dead, Still Busy With Ant Man

5. Sabrina Cosplays As Slave Princess Leia. Fanboys Head To Explode

6. VIDEO: Phoenix Jones Meets Rainn Wilson At ECCC

7. Swipe File: Kick Ass And… Don Quixote???

8.Neil Gaiman To Turn China’s Journey To The West Into An Epic 3D Film Series, Guillermo Del Toro May Direct

9. Aqua Globes Explained Via Medium Of Alan Moore

10. Four Unused Beck/Sex Bob-omb Songs From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

And a special thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Aaron and Mike, Denny O’Neil, Kate Atherton, Josh Hylton,

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