How Jeff Smith's Rasl Movie Option Affects eBay (UPDATE)

How Jeff Smith’s Rasl Movie Option Affects eBay (UPDATE)

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Last Friday, March the 11th, it was announced that Lionel Wigram had optioned Jeff Smith‘s sci-fi comic Rasl as a movie from Warner Bros.

And eBay noticed. Previously to that, the last eBay sale for Rasl related comics was the first three issues for 99 cents at the end of February. On the morning of the 11th someone had a tip off it seems at ten copies of issue 1 suddenly went for a dollar each. Two hours later they were suddenly selling numerous copies for $4. A signed CBLDF variant suddenly sold for $40, a CGC version for $75, then a worse condition copy sold for $90 hours later before another copy of the same quality of the first CGC version sold for $150.

There’s still too many copies on the market sopping up interest, but once they get mopped up, it might be worth selling on your copies….

UPDATE: Issue 1 no selling on eBay for $7, other issues $4. Not bad for something that two weeks ago couldn’t sell issues 1 to 3 for more than a dollar together.

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