Chicago, Here I Come…

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So basically I just realised I’m flying out to Chicago’s C2E2 comic convention on Thursday. For some reason I thought it was happening the week after. No biggie.

Saturday will be the big day for me, I’m on the Year Of Warren Ellis panel at 4.30pm (room 475a) and then running next door to present the inaugural C2E2 Bleeding Cool Awards at 5.30pm (room 475b). The votes will end midnight on Monday, so get yours in before then…

Okay, so I need to find my passport, get some American money, work out what kind of phone I need to buy when I get there, try to work out if there’s wi-fi, and if not what I need to do about that, pack, check the weather, pack again this time with either shorts or a mink coat, check out the Blue Line and the buses, pack again for a lighter case and remember not to make any remarks regarding the Irish situation to anybody when I get there.

If you’re going to C2E2 and you see me whizzing by, or just sat a corner by a power point tap tap tapping away on the laptop, do feel free to say hello. Often when I return from such events I get e-mails saying “I saw you but didn’t want to bother you.” Please, bother me! I have enough low self esteem that I appreciate the attention. If you actually are bothering me, I will say something like “Lovely to meet you, I just need to get back to work” but for at least the first ten minutes I’m golden.

And yes, like everyone else it seems, I’ll be staying in the Hyatt Regency. Feel free to bother me there as well. I’m flying in to Chicago on Thursday, landing just before 1pm, and flying out on the Sunday at 11.25pm – so any suggestions for time to kill are most welcome.

This is fun!

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