Saturday Trending Topics: Chip Kidd, Emma Watson, And Family Guy's Alec Sulkin

Saturday Trending Topics: Chip Kidd, Emma Watson, And Family Guy’s Alec Sulkin

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Controversy and mystery ruled the day on Saturday, with Family Guy’s Alec Sulkin, DC Comics All Star Superman logo designer Chip Kidd, and the enigma of Emma Watson leading the way. Here are the things that interested readers at Bleeding Cool today:

Most-Read Comic Book Posts:

Why Chip Kidd Hates The All Star Superman Cover

“This looks  like if you’re the set photographer for the new Superman movie, and they’re setting up the shot over there and so you just have to kill time so you say “Oh Mr Superman would you just like sit over here on this cloud and I’ll just do a publicity photo for the downtime of the movie.””

Hot Comics – The One Hundred Dollar Club (March 2011)

Here are eight recently published comic books that are currently breaking the $100 barrier based on actual reported sales. No CGC, no chase variant covers, no signed editions, no hardcovers or out-of-print collections, just the bare bones of your standard floppy comic book. Do you have any of these in your collection? If so… how long will they stay in your collection?

Hack/Slash Trending Upwards

And now Hack/Slash has a new issue 1 from Image, and for the first time has estimated orders of over ten thousand, into five figures for the first time. Now sales will probably drop for the second and third issues of the new ongoing series. But look to see how well it performs then…

Most-Read TV/Movie Posts:

Family Guy Writer Tweets Pearl Harbor Joke In Response To Japanese Earthquake

Nonetheless, when a particularly tasteless tweet started rolling around the web last night, and I found out it had been written by Family Guy scriptwriter Alec Sulkin, I wasn’t too surprised. Here’s what he said:

In Which Aaron Eckhart Says Something Interesting About The Dark Knight Rises

Aaron Eckhart may be about to drop a little Dark Knight Rises spoiler on you. Or he might be pulling our legs. Our he might be looking for headlines, what with Battle: Los Angeles in cinemas today, and all.

Emma Watson Is A Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma

Emma Watson is The Riddler. Or, at the very least, a riddler. She’s playing a game with her Twitter followers at the moment, and I wonder if you might help me solve it.

Today’s Most-Clicked Graphics Are The Same As Yesterday, So Here’s The Most-Clicked Graphics From The Past 3 Months:

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