Speculator Corner: Fear Itself Special

Speculating on the big boys can be a tricky proposition. With high five figure and occasionally six figure print run, international distribution into all comic stores, and an increasing proportion of comic stores responsive to their customers’ desires, the laws of demand and supply usually temper the prices of mainstream comic books.

But sometimes big stories and character appearances can make a big impact, and may be underordered compared to their sudden public profile. In an extreme that can include the Death Of Captain America or Obama In Spider-Man, or at the other the Death Of Dracula comic that, unannounced, tied in with the new X-Men book.

So which is Fear Itself Prologue?

Originally called Fear Itself Book Of The Skull, this comic is to all intents and purposes, the first issue of the Fear Itself story, and featured much of the past stories that were originally entwined throughout the Fear Itself pitch. So it is rather essential to the whole storyline.

But, due to a lack of clarity and initial title, this book has been heavily underordered compared with the main issues of Fear Itself to come. Sure, shops will have ordered it in bulk, but they may have ordered ten times as many of Fear Itself #1. This book had a generous overprint but, after the title change, that has all been sucked up and, at distributor level, this book is already sold out, before its on-sale date next week.

Expect a sudden second print. But this may be see an even more sudden price rise as the book’s true nature comes to light.

Also remember how we mentioned Death Of Dracula? Bleeding Cool can reveal that Throne of Blood: Birth of A Vampire out in April, of which there is little known, is a Fear Itself tie in, and will show the future of vampireness in the Marvel Universe after the recent X-Men arc. Retailers can still order copies this week – but there’s no guarantee they will

Also remember that while Death Of Dracula did jump to $20 on release, these days? Not so much.

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