Marvel Architects Panel At Emerald City Comic Con

Marvel Architects Panel At Emerald City Comic Con

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The big Marvel announcement at Emerald Comic Con is that… the big announcements will be at C2E2. Where I will be. Shame, it’s so much easier to report on them at home with Twitter.

Anyway, we co learn from WeeklyCBReview that the new arc of Thor in April will include Galactus, possibly coming to Asgard. That the Dr. Strange one shot/mini series has “very good chance” of coming out in connection with Fear Itself. But as for the future of Daredevil – and cads more, wait till Chicago.

Jonathan Hickman showed us the panel from his perspective…

And although Jason Aaron didn’t make it to the panel, he appeared in cartoon form…

ALthough the best vquestuion was the ten year old who asked why all the heroes kept dying and coming back to life…

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